10 Websites Every Property Owner Needs to Bookmark

By Alex Gaggioli, July 27, 2016


The internet is a great place, but it has become increasingly busy as more people post blogs and social media becomes more prevalent. Finding quality content, meaning that it’s credible, well-researched, and interesting, can be difficult. Cloudbeds spends a lot of time searching the web for interesting content and newsworthy trends, so we’re happy to share a list of our favorite sources.

We create content based on a number of different topics and trends which we discover through channels. Here are a list of quality content producers and curators who speak specifically to a hospitality market.

10 Hospitality Websites You Should Bookmark

Hotel News Now

Hotel News Now is a more technical website that looks into every nook and cranny of the hospitality industry. They are affiliated with a company called STR which uses global data to create competitive benchmarks and provide information services and research, according to their website.

Hotel News Now usually takes a broader look at the industry and makes inferences about trends and news. While their focus is generally on large hotel brands, airlines, and other hospitality businesses, an independent hotelier can still find a lot of value in their content. Because they back up their trends with significant data, you can make arguments for why a trend will or will not impact your property.

Here are three posts that may interest you:

Why some platforms aren’t worth hotelier’s time

5 ways hoteliers can organically connect on LinkedIn

How hotel owners can shrink their property tax bills

Hotel News Now also produces a “5 things you need to know” post every weekday, and it can help you stay ahead of trends as well.


Tnooz is the foremost thought leader on hospitality technology and they keep a close eye on the industry. They provide timely content, as well as research on popular topics such as channel managers, industry trends, etc.

I particularly find them useful because they focus on properties of all types and sizes. They’re aware of trends happening in the small to medium-sized property space, as well as what Marriott, Hilton, and IHG are up to. It’s a nice balance of content that will provide you a well-rounded stream of content.

Here are some recent articles you may enjoy:

Five design principles to attract the Millennial Traveller

Pokemon Go and its role at the sharp end of travel: tour and activity suppliers

The making of mini destinations through video


Skift was founded in 2012 and is the new kid on the block. They are a news website that focuses on creating content that reports on the travel industry. Unlike some of the other sites on this list, they are far from an aggregate website.

Skift puts a lot of their focus on in-house research that helps all types of hospitality businesses stay in-the-know. When you visit their website, you’ll be greeted by big beautiful pictures and an easy to use interface. They’ve put a lot of effort into making their site mimic other popular websites outside of the travel industry. If you’re looking for a different take on popular industry trends and emerging topics, check them out.

Three articles you should check out:

Yotel CEO Sees an Opening Between Airbnb and Old School Hotels

Data and Analytics are Defining the Future of Hotel Employee-Guest Relations

Business Travel Isn’t Expected to See Big Price Hikes Next Year


Revinate is a software company that helps hotels run their business. They help hotels with operations, marketing and revenue, customer engagement, and more. With such a diverse set of products, their blog is full of great tips to help property owners get the most out of their business.

They’ve been known to cover topics related to popular culture and social media, as well as, in-depth information about guest surveys and their impact. From review sites to return on investment, they’ve got you covered.

Personally, I like their blog most for their insight on guest reviews and other related topics.

Here are three articles you might enjoy:

How to Improve Your Ranking on TripAdvisor

Hotel Email Marketing: 6 Ways to Get More Responses

Hotel Loyalty is Dead


Leonardo is a hotel marketing company that believes in the power of visual storytelling. They help hotels, bed and breakfasts, vacation rental properties, hotel chains, and beyond to create marketing plans that work.

Their blog is armed with a ton of great content on digital marketing. They take a lot of buzzword topics and give actionable advice to hoteliers. They’re all about optimization and incremental increases in any and all digital marketing plans. If you’re looking to give your property’s marketing a fresh take, look no further.

Here are some of their recent posts that you will enjoy:

Drive Direct: Best Practices For A High-Performing Hotel Website

7 Instagram Best Practices to Drive More Direct Bookings

Content Marketing By The Numbers: The Stats Every Hotelier Needs To See

Hotel Marketing Strategies

As you can probably guess from their name, hotel marketing strategies is a website dedicate to hotel marketing. They take a creative approach to marketing strategies and crowdsource the best hotel marketing stories into one site. Once you arrive on the site, you’ll find a flowing website, similar to Pinterest, displayed with beautiful imagery.

I really enjoy Hotel Marketing Strategies because it serves as inspirations and instills a sense of wanderlust. From hotel operators to designers, this website is a great place to get your creative juices flowing.

Here are three recent articles you might be interested in:

W Hotels Partners Will.I.Am’s Ecocycle to Turn 268,000 Plastic Bottles into Sheets

Sightseeing Running Tours from Four Seasons

Mobile Charging Stations in Marriott Lobbies

Conde Nast Traveler: Hotel

Fomerly known as hotelchatter.com.

Hotelchatter.com was a longtime favorite for many those interested in hotels to find great content. They were acquired by Conde Nast Traveler and operate under the Hotel section. The site takes more of a consumer point of view on travel. But as an independent property owner, it’s likely you yourself are interested in travel.

Looking at this site will help gauge what you and other properties are interested in, from design to experiences. There are also several cultural pieces that will help any business owner understand the mentality of an international traveler.

Here are a few articles you will likely find interesting:

A Longtime Concierge On Hotel Tipping, Online Reviews, and More

7 Places with Strict Airbnb Laws

The Most Unusual Hotel Rooms in the World

Hotel Marketing

Hotel Marketing is a curated list of “daily must-reads for hotel marketers.” They cover a wide-range of topics that are centered around hotel and hospitality news. Generally, they’ll take a large hotel focus, however, there are plenty of great reads for independent hoteliers.

Hotel Marketing focuses on the changing landscape around marketing and finds the best stories that represent general trends. Because they are a curated site, you’ll likely find even more new sources of information.

Here are three stories they shared recently that may interest you:

Can OTAs upstage Google’s travel updates and reclaim mobile customers?

Travel agents see changes in the face of wellness travel

Marriott brings its social media war room to Europe

Hospitality Net

Hospitality Net is what many consider the epicenter of hospitality news. One look at their site will show you that they can be an incredible resource for anyone looking to gain more hospitality knowledge. They put a large emphasis on news and have broken up their website by different markets, including Asia Pacific, Caribbean, Europe, Central/South America, Middle East & Africa, USA & Canada. No matter where you’re located, they’ve likely got you covered.

Hospitality Net’s opinion and markets section are also great places to look for valuable insight. The only issue I personally see with their site is that it can feel like information overload. Finding what you want might take some time.

Here are three recent articles you might be interested in:

Will other states follow Arizona in passing Airbnb laws?

6 ways to turn loyal guests into promoters

Worst Practices in Revenue Management – Part One

Hospitality Industry Trends

Hospitality Industry Trends is another news source that takes an aggregate approach, like Hospitality Net and Hotel Marketing. However, they take a less “busy” approach than Hospitality Net and a more involved approach than Hotel Marketing. Hospitality Industry Trends provides you timely news in a nice web layout that’s easy to understand and digest.

They offer information about marketing, technology, industry trends, as well as market and development reports. If you’re looking for a good site that pulls in accurate and timely industry information, you should definitely bookmark them.

Here are three articles they shared that you’ll find interesting:

3 Big Reasons Hotels Need to Track Inbound Phone Calls

3 Technologies to Watch from HITEC 2016

Award Winning Cornell Studies Analyze Mobile Apps and Hotel Conversions


As you can see, there are many websites dedicated to helping travel hospitality industry-related professionals. Independent hoteliers should take advantage of these free resources and use them to their benefit. There are many tips and skills that you can learn just by browsing the internet for a couple hours a week.

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