6 Reasons Your Property Should Work With a Startup

By Alex Gaggioli, April 11, 2016


Popular culture has become infatuated with startups and how they’ve changed the game for many industries. Cloudbeds is proud to be a hospitality industry startup that makes it easier and more affordable for independent hoteliers to run their business. Most articles you’ll find about startups are about why you should work for a startup, but we wondered–what are the top reasons you should work WITH a startup?

1. They’re Nimble

Startups, by nature, are nimble. Startups are made of small teams working together. They make quick decisions and can act upon them immediately. Lean startups constantly update their products and find new ways to add new functionality. Most startups benefit from having small teams and are able to update their product at a swift pace.

At Cloudbeds, we release an update about once a month. In March, for example, we released an updated, Hess, which addressed over 50 different customer requests. Our monthly updates, like Hess, speed up the software and add functionality. One of the biggest updates to the platform included new reports. These reports help make data more actionable and insightful.

In contrast, most traditional software makers produce major updates annually. You have to go out and buy a new version of the software each year.

2. Always Listening


The best startups are always listening to what their customers are saying. And more importantly, they’re willing to do something about it. Most startups have many different teams, like any other business. But, because startups are smaller, those teams work more closely together, improving communication and increasing company transparency between departments. These teams are then able to pay closer attention to what prospective and current customers have to say.

In this way, customer comments and concerns influence how the product and the company grow. Large companies often take feature requests and comments as well, but due to their size, they cannot change and pivot as quickly as a startup.

Here at Cloudbeds, we pay close attention customers and the market to make sure we are creating the best features. We are working on a tool that will allow you to suggest new features. Other customers can vote for the ones they want to see the soonest. We will let you know when it becomes available.

3.Quick to Respond

Large bureaucratic companies have notorious customer service. It’s hard for one customer to feel like he or she is really being listened to by larger companies. Even when large companies respond via Twitter or social media, responses are often tone-deaf or they sound canned. They are frequently the sources of mockery on sites like reddit.

Startups, on the other hand, have the ability to respond to customers more quickly. They tend to craft genuine and personal customer responses on Twitter and Facebook, instead of using a copied boilerplate response. They actually read each ticket that comes in through their helpdesk. Today’s startups often have chat boxes on their websites that are monitored during business hours, offering customers a quick, if not immediate, response. This is something that traditional companies have a hard time with.

4. Willing to Make it Work


Startups generally work harder to appreciate and work with their clients than big businesses do. For example, when is the last time you enjoyed working with your mobile network provider or cable company? Large businesses have lost sight of what it means to offer good service. Startup companies are willing to go the extra mile and do what it takes to solve a customer’s problem.

As mentioned above, smaller numbers allow teams to work better together. Problems are easier to solve when you have people in all parts of the business offering solutions. For example, engineering, sales, and the customer support teams will all offer different perspectives and allow for better solutions.

Recently, Cloudbeds created a self-implementation process where we give new clients the tools to begin their property setup on myfrontdesk without needing to go through a customer coach. This allows property owners to jump right in and get started. We assign a customer coach to each property to ensure that each client successfully completes implementation.

Cloudbeds also offers a comprehensive knowledge base that allows customers to find answers to FAQs The knowledge base can be found here.

5. Everyone Gets a Say

Startups take everyone’s ideas and suggestions seriously. It doesn’t matter if a feature request comes from a small two-person operation or a large partner. Also, within the organization, most startups operate without a bureaucracy. It’s more efficient for both clients and employees to feel like their voices can be heard.

6. They’re Fun


Startups are cool. They’re hip. They’re a lot of fun. All jokes aside, most startups are trying to take boring old problems and make them fun (or at least better) to deal with. There’s nothing worse than having to deal with technology on a daily basis that doesn’t work well. Technology should make your life easier, not harder. Most software as a service (SaaS) startups are focused on creating user-friendly products.  

At Cloudbeds, we’re creating a product that not only makes hoteliers’ lives easier, but also makes their jobs more enjoyable. Many property management systems and channel managers are a headache to use. At Cloudbeds, our goal is to remove the headache.


Long story short, you should work with startups because they’re empathetic to small business owners. They understand what it means to work on a small team and get things done quickly and efficiently. The best startups are committed to making their guests happy at almost any cost.

At Cloudbeds, we are committed to making the working lives of small and medium-sized hoteliers easier and more enjoyable. If you’re an existing Cloudbeds customer or checking us out for the first time, we are more than happy to answer any and all of your questions.

You can access our helpdesk here and find us on social media in the links below.



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