Analysis of Major OTAs Update April 2016

By Alex Gaggioli, April 28, 2016


Online travel agencies remain one of the most important booking channels for most properties around the world. And now with the increasing popularity of sites like HomeAway, FlipKey, and Airbnb, even more types of properties can list their rooms or homes online. Last year, we created a guide to understanding the major online travel agencies in the marketplace, which you can read here. For our most comprehensive and up-to-date OTA guide, see our Big Book of OTAs – Your Ultimate Guide to Distribution and Channel Management for your Hotel, Hostel, Vacation Rental, or B&B.

We dissected everything from how many website visitors a site gets, to what their commission fee was. We then gave advice for different properties. For example, if you own a hostel, you should list your property on Hostelworld and Lonely Planet. And if you’re a small, independent hotel, you should list your property on sites like hotels.com and Priceline.

We updated the guide with today’s information. Here is everything we changed:

What’s Changed

The biggest change we noticed was with Airbnb. They went from 20 million guests and 800,000 listings to 60 million guests and over 2,000,000 million listings. Airbnb is becoming a force that cannot be stopped.

We also added HomeAway to the mix. Expedia purchased HomeAway for $3.9 billion in November 2015. The site now boasts over 1.2 million vacation rentals and any vacation rental owners should consider partnering with them.

We also updated numbers for booking.com which now has almost 900,000 listings and operates in 224 countries. Ctrip now claims they have approximately one million listings in over 200 countries.  

European OTAs

We also created a guide specifically for European OTAs where we analyze the best channels for European-based properties. You can access that guide here.

Which OTAs to Join

In our original OTA analysis, we focused on major sites that have thousands of listings. However, niche OTAs catering to a specific audience are great marketing channels as well. You can read about 6 alternative, unique marketing channels here to get an idea of what’s out there.


Read our full analysis of OTAs here, and bookmark it. We will update it regularly with new information.. Check out the updated stats and see which OTAs your property should consider joining based on your property type.

Joining OTAs is easier now more than ever thanks to channel managers like myallocator. A channel manager reduces the stress of multiple reservation channels and helps your property earn more revenue.

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