Analysis of Major European Online Travel Agencies – OTA

By Alex Gaggioli, December 10, 2015


Online travel agencies are a vital piece of any hotel, hostel, or bed and breakfast’s marketing strategy. Our previous post on online travel agencies was so popular, we decided to expand upon it here, specifically for European Online Travel Agencies. We included the most popular online travel agencies by country. Also, for our most comprehensive and up-to-date OTA guide, be sure to check out the Big Book of OTAs – Your Ultimate Guide to Distribution and Channel Management for your Hotel, Hostel, Vacation Rental, or B&B.

Disclaimer: We compiled the following from publicly available information that can change at any time. Please use this guide as a reference only. Contact OTAs directly to verify information before making any business decisions.

When you see an asterisk ( * ) it means you can connect to this OTA using myallocator.

Europe General * offers the largest selection of bed and breakfasts in the world. Owners can list their properties. Travelers can search and do side-by-side comparisons. They also pride themselves on supporting sustainable tourism.  

  • Number of listings: 1,793,812 rooms and apartments
  • Countries/Regions where most prominent: Europe
  • Other fees: 75 Euros for enhanced listing  

 Hostel Culture *

Hostel culture helps promote the unique hostel experience that they believe is unmatched. They offer free tours and great value activities in 6 cities. They list hostels all around the world.

  • Number of listings: 5,236
  • Number of countries: 976 ‘places’
  • Countries/Regions where most prominent: Europe

Germany serves the German population with all types of hotels across Europe and the world. The company also has a website called that serves the world beyond Germany.

  • Number of Active Users: 5 million  
  • Number of listings: 290,000
  • Number of countries: 190
  • Countries/Regions where most prominent: Europe
  • Commission Rate: Varies
  • Other fees: None


Enjoy bed and breakfast (EBAB) is the world’s leading agency for private and commercial accommodations in the gay community. They promote tolerance, acceptance, and self-fulfillment.

  • Number of listings: 4,500
  • Number of countries: 55
  • Number of locations: 275
  • Countries/Regions where most prominent: Europe
  • Commission Fees: 16%
  • Other fees:  €50 termination fee if no booking in the first 6 months



Atrapalo is one of Spain’s largest online travel agencies serving primarily the Spanish community. They offer a wide variety of listings for all types of properties and many deals.

  • Number of Active Users: 2.3 million
  • Number of Monthly Visits: 30 million +
  • Countries/Regions where most prominent: Europe


With a goal to have the largest selection of flights, hotels, and accommodations in the world, eDreams has created a significant global presence.

  • Number of listings: 250,000
  • Number of Destinations: 40,000
  • Countries/Regions where most prominent: Spain and Europe
  • Commission Fees: 3%+

Your Spain Hostel *

Your Spain Hostel only lists hostels located in Spain and offers a lot of information on Spanish tourism.

  • Number of countries: 1
  • Countries/Regions where most prominent: Spain



Promovacances is one of France’s largest OTAs. In the past 12 years they have helped more than 2.5 million people travel the world.

  • Number of Active Users: 40 million per year
  • Number of destinations: 120
  • Countries/Regions where most prominent: France and Europe

United Kingdom

Travel Republic *

For the past 12 years, Travel Republic has helped travelers find accommodations around the world. They have websites in the UK, Ireland, Spain, and Italy.

  • Number of Active Users: 1,000,000 per week
  • Number of listings: 306,204
  • Number of destinations: 650
  • Countries/Regions where most prominent: United Kingdom, Ireland, Spain and Italy
  • Commission Fees: Yes, but varies
  • Other fees: No


Opodo is one of the UK’s largest OTAs and was the first truly Pan-European travel service.

  • Number of listings: 150,000
  • Countries/Regions where most prominent: UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Austria, Belgium, Portugal, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and Finland * is one of the largest OTAs in Europe. It caters to the United Kingdom and the rest of Europe to provide hotels, flights, and more.

  • Number of listings: 110,000+
  • Number of countries: Worldwide
  • Countries/Regions where most prominent: Europe

Hostel Bookers *

Hostel Bookers focuses on their customer service and quality of listings. 94% of people who use Hostel Bookers would recommend it to a friend.

  • Number of listings: 3,500
  • Number of countries: Worldwide
  • Countries/Regions where most prominent: Europe

Hostel Club * is a young and vibrant company dedicated to providing the budget traveler with a one-stop-shop for their travel accommodation needs.

  • Number of Active Users: 1,000,000 per month
  • Countries/Regions where most prominent: Europe
  • Commission Fees: 10%

Hostel World * is the world’s leading hostel-focused online booking platform. Initially focusing its business on independent and official youth hostels, the site now features campsites, self-catering accommodations, B&Bs, and budget hotels. It currently lists over 33,000 properties in more than 170 countries.

  • Number of listings: 33,000+
  • Number of countries: 180+
  • Countries/Regions where most prominent: Europe and Asia
  • Commission Fees: 12%

Late Rooms *

Late Rooms is a collection of rooms available right now all around the world. They cater to all types of travelers from families to business travelers.

  • Number of listings: 150,000+
  • Countries/Regions where most prominent: Worldwide
  • Commission Fees: Yes, tiered and varies
  • Other fees: None



Oktogo is the leading Russian online hotel reservations agency.

  • Number of Active Users: 1 million per month
  • Number of listings: 650,000
  • Countries/Regions where most prominent: Russia
  • Other fees: None
  • Operating Restrictions: Only accepting Russian properties at the moment   



TravelLink is an Internet travel agency for private and corporate clients. Travel Links travel products consists among other things of flights, vacation packages, hotels, car rental and events that are sold through the company website. Travel Link’s brand and website in Norway, Denmark and Finland.

  • Number of listings: 165,000
  • Countries/Regions where most prominent: Europe

Travel Partner

Travel Partner is a Scandinavian online travel agency owned and operated by Etraveli. Etraveli owns many of the region’s largest online travel booking platforms. They also own,, Supersaver, Travelstart, Flybillet, Gotogate,, Seat24,, Travelpartner, Budjet, and Goleif.

  • Number of listings: 240,000
  • Number of countries: 90
  • Countries/Regions where most prominent: Europe



Bravofly is website dedicated to flights and hotel bookings located in Switzerland but serving the global community.

  • Number of Active Users: 10 million per year
  • Countries/Regions where most prominent: Europe



InItalia is one of the leading companies in the Italian hotel reservation industry since 1997. They offer a wide range of accommodations for hotels located in Italy.

  • Number of listings: 10,000+
  • Number of countries: 1 (Italy)
  • Countries/Regions where most prominent: Italy

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