Cloudbeds’ 12 Most Popular Posts from 2015

By Alex Gaggioli, December 30, 2015

In 2015, Cloudbeds shared many articles reporting on hospitality industry trends, tips and tricks, and hotel marketing. We took a look at the data and we produced a list of our 12 top most popular articles. They span a variety of topics relevant to hoteliers all around the world. 

Analysis of Major OTAs

Analysis of Major OTAs

In this extremely popular article, we shared important information on how to navigate the complicated world of online travel agencies. We then categorized what OTAs your property should join based on property type. Information such as number of active users, listings, countries, and fees has never be centralized until now.

If you are looking for information on OTAs, check out our guide to learn more.

8 Ways to Dominate Direct Bookings

Direct Hotel Bookings

Direct bookings are your best source of revenue. We want to help you generate as many direct bookings as possible, and these 8 tips will help you create a profitable strategy. These tips will remain relevant through 2016, so make sure your hotel is up to speed.

Which OTA Should Your Hotel Use?

which OTA is right for your property

This post featured an infographic that visually depicts the information we shared in our Analysis of Major OTAs. Use this infographic to decide which OTAs are best for your property.

This Is Why You Shouldn’t Pay for Direct Reservations

Photo of a man burning money on hotel booking engine commissions.

Direct bookings were a popular topic in 2015. Cloudbeds strongly believes that your hotel shouldn’t pay for the direct reservations you work hard to convert. Hint: if you’re paying a commission on direct bookings, get a new booking engine. Hint 2: we have one of those, it’s called mybookings.

How to Manage Your Hotel’s Online Reputation

Photo of some people who do not like a hotel's reputation.Online reviews have the power to make or break your property. They also give you insight into where your property excels and areas that may need work. Here, we share the best ways to discover what your guests are saying about you online.

How to Get Repeat Business from Former Guests


Learn the best tactics to market to your previous guests. Real world outreach, email, and timely reminders are among the simple tactics you can take to pique their interest. Check out our other tips to market to this lucrative group of people.

Worldpackers: Connecting the World Through Volunteers


Worldpackers is on a mission to help travelers and hostel owners around the world to come together. Their site helps travelers trade their unique skills for free accommodation all around the world. Cloudbeds is a proud partner with this organization and fully support their mission to help more people travel the world. Read all about how they work, here.

Hospitality Marketing Trends for 2016


We shared what we predict the biggest hotel marketing trends will be for 2016. We included our thoughts on video, mobile, marketing channels, and much more. Effectively marketing your property is essential to success in 2016 and our guide will help get you to where you need to be.  

Responding to Negative Hotel Reviews

Picture of a hotelier's desk as they check their online hotel reviews

Related to our other post on maintaining your online reputation, this article gives you specific advice on how to respond to negative reviews. While it is easy to ignore negative reviews, you need to minimize potential damage. When potential guests see a property try to mitigate problems, it shows they care and tried to resolve the issue.

How Hotel Operating Costs Affect the Bottom Line

suitcase feature image

Operating costs and overhead are among the highest contributing costs for hotel. Here, we analyze the largest and most common cost contributors. Learn how to manage labor, energy, marketing, and software costs to increase your profit.

Tools for Cheap Email Marketing


Email remains one of the best ways to market your property. Studies show that people still open and respond to emails well. In order to effectively market your property with email, you should consider one of the resources we mention here.

Hospitality Industry Trends to Watch in 2016


Last, but not least, our post on hospitality industry trends to watch in 2016. In it we analyzed where we think the industry is headed. We discuss numbers, buzzwords like the sharing economy, technology, and much more.


Thanks for your support and reading our blog in 2015. We look forward to continuing our efforts and reporting on what matters most to hoteliers. Cheers and Happy New Year.


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