Guide – Tips on Hotel Photography

By Marco Fonseca, September 9, 2014

Guide – Tips on Hotel Photography

Many of our customers (independent hotels, Bed & Breakfasts and Hostels) share with us their daily experiences and struggles. One of the main concerns is obviously how to sell more online (make more online reservations) through Online Travel Agents’ portals (OTAs). There is no doubt one of the key elements to improve the number of reservations is the quality of the property’s profile on those portals. A complete profile with engaging descriptions, complete information and eye-catching photos is an unparalleled tool for converting visitors into guests.


It may be an exaggeration to say that “image is everything”. However, there is no question that images have an enormous influence on the purchasing decision of products and services.

This is especially true on the fields of e-commerce and hospitality, in which the acquisition of the product / service is separate in time from receiving (and enjoying) it. It is so important that we strongly recommend hiring a professional photographer, preferably with experience in hotels or architecture. The cost-benefit and return brought by quality photos can greatly offset the investment.

This guide will be useful even in these cases, guiding the hotel on some important points. In addition, we present tips for those wishing to take the photos on their own, for cost saving or gaining time to quickly publish on OTA portals and own website.

Understanding this situation, we have decided to create a basic photography guide focused on hospitality businesses – a set of tips for those who want to take their own photos of the hotel, B&B, hostel, etc., in order to save money or gain time by quickly publishing (or improving) their pages on the OTAs and business website.

This guide was created by Cloudbeds and may be distributed freely under the Creative Commons license.

Download now the Cloudbeds Guide – Tips on Hotel Photography and happy clicking!

Guia Cloudbeds - Dicas de Fotografia para Hotelaria


CloudBeds – Tips on Hotel Photography v3 – by Marco Fonseca, August 2014.



Photo Credit: Prayitno / Thank you for visiting ! (3 millions ) via Compfight cc

Featured Image: Stuck in Customs via Compfight cc

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