Hostel 76 – A Cloudbeds Featured Customer

By Alex Gaggioli | Published in September, 2015

Nestled in the southwest corner of Brazil between Argentina and Paraguay, Hostel 76 is one of Foz do Iguaçu’s newest hostels. Mayara, a former cruise ship employee, opened Hostel 76 in January of 2015 with the help of her family to fulfill her lifelong dreams.



I caught up with Mayara to get the inside scoop about what guests can expect when they stay at Hostel 76. She told me how she ended up as a hostel owner, what the property is like, things to do, and gives aspirational advice.

While interviewing Mayara, it was clear that her spirited and driven nature has greatly influenced Hostel 76. She began her career working for cruise ships where she gained a passion for meeting and helping new people. Her job took her everywhere from South Africa to Alaska. It was always her dream to open up her own hostel, although plans were put on hold after she got married.

But, after going home early this year to visit family, Mayara decided it was time to follow her dreams.

I came back to Brazil in January to see my family and we decided that this was the time to do it and open a hostel.

After just three meetings, Hostel 76 was a reality and renovations began. The hostel was originally a Brazilian Pousada, which are quite popular. However, they attract primary Brazilian guests, whereas Hostel 76 aims to attract international travelers. The hostel features 54 beds between double rooms, twin rooms, triple rooms and dorm style.

Hostel 76 dorm room accommodations

The hostel employs three receptionists full-time and two other part-time employees. They also have a cleaning lady whom Mayara adores, while Mayara’s mother helps her with administrative work.

Hostel 76 also has a small bar that will be expanded in ongoing renovations. I was well-advised to try out a Brazilian-native drink called Caipirinha. Last month, a bartender friend held a little workshop to teach Mayara and her staff some new concoctions to try. Sounds like some great team bonding to me.

When I asked what type of guests Hostel 76 attracts, she had this to say:

It doesn’t matter where you’re from, how old you are, the color of your skin, your sexuality, we don’t care. We want you to have fun and enjoy yourself.

Her time spent working on cruise ships and in hotels has prepared her to meet and deal with all types of people. I think the one prerequisite to staying at Hostel 76 is that you should be ready to have a good time. Hostel 76 self-identifies as a party hostel and understandably so as it’s located in the heart of bars, restaurants and clubs in Foz do Iguaçu. A popular Brazilian club is less than a block from the hostel and is a fan favorite, according to Mayara.

To Mayara’s surprise, Germans have made up the majority of her guests since opening. She says that she thinks Germans have a particular interest in Brazil.

Hostel 76 partners with a tour company to take people on different excursions. The waterfalls at the Argentinian border is one of the most popular destinations for Hostel 76 guests. The falls are accessible from both Brazil and Argentina, but the Argentinian side is larger and also includes a bird park. Tour guides speak many different languages to accommodate guests and navigate them through some serious natural beauty.

Picture of one of the Hostel 76 excursions to the waterfalls in Argentina

I asked Mayara what the most rewarding part of owning a hostel was and she said that getting to know about her guests was the best part. Everything from what people like to eat and drink to what they like to spend their free time doing, making her guests happy is the most rewarding.

She said her biggest challenge is pleasing everyone 100%. Obviously, Hostel 76 strives to meet all their guests needs, but sometimes it is impossible to make everyone happy.

Hostel 76 uses all of Cloudbeds’ software solutions including myfrontdesk, myallocator, and mybookings to run her property. In Mayara’s own words, this has been her experience with Cloudbeds:

…I can tell you, it made my life and the staff’s lives much easier. With Cloudbeds, we are able to focus on our guests much more. We don’t need to spend hours looking online, checking reservations, Cloudbeds does it all for us.

Knowing Mayara is an avid traveler herself, I wanted to know which destinations were her favorite and where she plans to go next. She just returned from a trip from Croatia that she described it as “outstanding!” and she hopes to travel to Thailand sometime soon, although her next trip is to Hawaii.

I ask all of our featured customers who inspired them to get where they are today. Mayara relies on intrinsic motivation to push herself to achieve her goals. Although she says her mother has inspired her a lot, she thinks it’s unfair to say this person or that person inspired her singlehandedly. She says “You learn different things from different people.” And I couldn’t agree more with her!

Her message to aspiring hoteliers, hostel owners, and entrepreneurs:

Do what you love and you never work a day in your life.

She was the first to admit that her message is no doubt a cliché, but she resonates deeply with its meaning. And I doubled checked–she doesn’t feel like she is working.

Hostel 76 is a brightly colored, fun-loving, good-time seeking property that is about as unique as its owner. From exotic drinks to awe-inspiring natural beauty, guests at Hostel 76 are definitely in for a good time. Now, I just need to figure out when I’m headed down to Brazil. Expect me soon, Mayara.

Hostel 76 guests enjoying the outdoor accommodations

Hostel 76 website

Facebook: Hostel 76

Full Transcript: 

Alex: Okay, great. How about we get started by you telling me a little bit about yourself and Hostel 76, and then we can go from there. How does that sound?

Mayara : Perfect.

Alex: Great.

Mayara : Well, can I start it or you let me know when?

Alex: Go for it.

Mayara : Perfect.

Alex: Ready.

Mayara : Well, I’m 28 years old already.

Alex: Already.

Mayara : Well, I think that’s not that bad.

Alex: Oh, yeah.

Mayara : I’m not 30 yet, so that’s good. I had a chance to work on a cruise ship for quite a few years.

Alex: Okay.

Mayara : And that gave me a lot of experience in working with people from all over the place, at first place. So, having a hostel was a dream for me. Well, for quite some time anyway. And after that, I got married. I kind of let it on the side for a bit. But in the beginning of this year, when I came back to Brazil to visit my family, we decided to, “Hey, that’s the time to do it.” We live in the three borders between Brazil, Paraguay, and Argentina, so we have tourists everyday, 365 days a year, which hostel is a great business. So, in January, when we decided to, it was a bit weird. It was three meetings to close the deal, which was great. And here we go. I think we’re doing a great job.

Alex: Yeah, so you guys opened in January?

Mayara : In January, yeah, this year.

Alex: Okay, wow. That’s awesome. And so, who did you start it with?

Mayara : That was basically myself and my husband.

Alex: Okay, cool. And what’s your husband’s name?

Mayara : Well, my husband, he’s from the States actually, and he’s not in a tourist field at all. He’s a paramedic. So for him especially, it’s a great adventure.

Alex: Awesome. Is he still working as a paramedic or are you two primarily working at the hostel now?

Mayara : Yes, he does.

Alex: Okay, great.

Mayara : He does.

Alex: Awesome. So how Alexy beds do you have? How big is your hostel?

Mayara : Our hostel has 54 beds.

Alex: Oh, wow.

Mayara : Between double rooms, twin rooms, triple rooms, and dorms. We have small dorms with four beds, and bigger dorms with eight beds.

Alex: That’s the biggest hostel I’ve interviewed so far, so it’s awesome.

Mayara : Oh, that’s awesome.

Alex: Yeah, very cool. What type of property is it? I’ve interviewed some party hostels. I’ve interviewed some very laid back hostels. Where do you fit in the mix?

Mayara : Well, right now, as we are quite new in the business, actually since Jan. so, not too long ago. We’re kind of a party hostel, as we are located in a heart of town. So half a block away from us, we have bars, night clubs, restaurants. So, after 6:00 p.m., our location is basically a party location town.

Alex: Nice.

Mayara : And our guests love that, for sure.

Alex: Yeah, so the area really draws in people to your hostel?

Mayara : Definitely, definitely.

Alex: Is there a lot of competition around you? I know that Brazil is filled with hostels.

Mayara : Yes. Well, around us, let’s say three, four blocks away, we do have, let’s say between hostels and pousadas – that’s a Brazilian way of saying hostel – we have around four or five, like, in four or five, six blocks away.

Alex: Okay. So, when you guys opened your hostel, did you build the building, or did you purchase an old building and renovated it, or was it a hostel before and you just…?

Mayara : It was a hostel before.

Alex: Okay.

Mayara : I mean, they named it as a hostel, but they were actually working as a pousada, so the public was more Brazilian people than foreigners. Once we bought it, we renovate. We’re still doing renovations actually.

Alex: Okay.

Mayara : Undergoing right now.

Alex: Stressful, right?

Mayara : Yeah. Always busy, right?

Alex: Yeah, right.

Mayara : So now our focus actually are on international travelers.

Alex: Great.

Mayara : Doesn’t matter how old you are. If you are a traveler, this is your place.

Alex: Awesome. Do you have a specific type of decor or a theme that you follow, or is it just kind of…?

Mayara : Well, at first, we were, all of us, a bit confused, like, “Okay, it’s a hostel, so what do we want?”

Alex: Right.

Mayara : We are also travelers. We love to travel, so what we would like to see? And then we decided for a fun hostel color. We have a lot of colors.

Alex: Okay.

Mayara : When you come, you see green, reds, purple, orange. So it’s all about colors. For us, it’s like color speaks all the languages. So it doesn’t matter where you’re from, how old you are, the color of your skin, your sexuality; we don’t care. We want you to have fun and enjoy yourself.

Alex: Awesome. Are your types of guests all over the board, so all different ages from all different places, where do you…?

Mayara : Yes.

Alex: Since you’ve opened in January, what’s the majority of your customers? Where have they come from?

Mayara : We have a lot of Germans.

Alex: A lot of GerAlexs.

Mayara : A lot of GerAlexs, which surprise me [inaudible 00:05:50] today. It’s like we all like to travel, but the Germans, I think they do love Brazil.

Alex: Yeah. So that’s…

Mayara : Which is good for us.

Alex: Yeah, that’s awesome. I know some of the other hostels that I’ve talked to, they have a big Asian population that comes and visits. Do you guys experience that as well or not so much?

Mayara : Just yesterday, we had two girls from Hong Kong.

Alex: Okay.

Mayara : Yeah.

Alex: That’s cool.

Mayara : And they spoke great English.

Alex: Yeah, Hong Kong is very English, I found.

Mayara : Yeah.

Alex: So, you yourself as a traveler, did you travel a lot in hostels growing up in your own travels?

Mayara : Well, I actually started really traveling when I was 19. Because living in the border is easier for us to go Argentina, Paraguay, as we are right here. But after I was like 18, 19, I started traveling a little bit more, and then I started working in a cruise ship. That’s when I had an opportunity to go from Africa to Alaska and therefore.

Alex: Awesome. That’s very cool. What’s your favorite part? Since you’ve been open since January, it’s a really fun question to ask you, what’s your favorite part so far? What’s the most rewarding part for you?

Mayara : I think being able to meet people from all over the place. And getting to know and understand more about cultures and what people like to eat, what they like to drink, what they like to do, I think that’s fantastic.

Alex: What’s the best thing you’ve learned from a new culture or from a guest who’s come through your hostel?

Mayara : Wow, that’s a tricky question. One thing I found really amazing is in Brazil, we do have the barbecue. Everybody says the Brazilian churrasco.

Alex: Oh, definitely.

Mayara : Which is great, but I found people from Holland, they do enjoy our food but they eat a lot of vegetables. And that’s something we don’t really do much in Brazil, I would say. Getting to know that, yes, people in Holland, they do like to party but they eat healthier. That’s quite interesting.

Alex: Okay.

Mayara : At least for me.

Alex: That’s very interesting, I like it. Quick question about the hostel again. Do you guys have a bar, or a restaurant, or any of that, inside your hostel as well?

Mayara : Yes, we have a great bar. It’s still small though, but we have some plans for a bigger bar for sure. I mean…

Alex: Part of your renovations.

Mayara : Hostel and a bar, nice Caipirinha. I think it was last week, one friend of mine, she also worked with me on the cruise ship, and she’s a great, great bar tender, she came over and we spent a whole day learning how to make new drinks and different stuff that we are not used to drinking in Brazil. And the staff loved it, they enjoyed it.

Alex: That’s awesome.

Mayara : It was a great workshop.

Alex: Yeah, I’m sure everyone loves a good exotic drink, right?

Mayara : Definitely.

Alex: What is your biggest challenge as a hostel owner?

Mayara : Well, as a hostel owner and a traveler, I think being able to please everybody. You know, doesn’t matter really what you do, there’s always someone that’s not 100% happy.

Alex: Right.

Mayara : Not just for a hostel itself, for any kind of business that you do.

Alex: Right.

Mayara : Our goal is at least 101% of our guest be happy.

Alex: Right. Definitely. Do you find that your guests have different expectations when you’re trying to please them, or is that more just an overall hardship?

Mayara : I think it’s an overall, yeah.

Alex: Okay.

Mayara : Our guests are usually very happy.

Alex: Okay. I’m sure they are, of course. Which pieces of a Call Bed [SP] software does Hostel 76 use?

Mayara : Sorry, I didn’t hear you.

Alex: What parts of the Call Bed software do you all use as a hostel, like, my bookings, or my allocator?

Mayara : We use, basically, the complete package.

Alex: The complete package?

Mayara : Yeah. And I can tell you, not just myself as a hostel owner but for the staff as well, it made our life much easier. With Call Beds, we are able to focus on our guests much more. We don’t need to spend hours looking [inaudible 00:10:51] emails and checking our reservations as Call Beds does everything for us.

Alex: That’s awesome. We love to hear that. Were you using a different system before?

Mayara : Yes, we were.

Alex: Yeah. And…

Mayara : Just, let’s leave that way.

Alex: Okay, great. So it’s made a good impact and you’re also…

Mayara : Definitely.

Alex: Awesome. How long ago?

Mayara : It was interesting, because we were looking for something else, another system.

Alex: Okay.

Mayara : And I got an email out of the blue from Stephen [SP]. And he’s great, I can tell you that. And I’m like, “Okay, I don’t know who this person is but the email looks very professional,” so I felt comfortable in contacting him. He showed me the system. We had a video conference and it was fantastic.

Alex: Awesome. How long have you been a customer for?

Mayara : I think for the past three months or so.

Alex: Right.

Mayara : And I wouldn’t change a bit, I tell you that.

Alex: Awesome. Love it. Stephen was the one who gave me your contact information, and I recognized your name once he gave it to me because I Alexage all our social media as well, and I see you all the time on the Facebook. We love it.

Mayara : Yeah. I mean, we like to be recognized. We like when people appreciate we do a good job.

Alex: Yeah.

Mayara : So, it’s only fair we can do the same thing.

Alex: Well, we appreciate it, and I love to see it. What’s your typical day like as a hostel owner? Your day at work and how you Alexage everything?

Mayara : Well, right now I’m actually living at the hostel.

Alex: Oh, okay. So it’s your whole life.

Mayara : I’m basically working 24/7.

Alex: Okay.

Mayara : But before, I used to get up at like 6:00 or 7:00, check all the channels, reply emails and everything. Now I’m able to sleep until 8:00. That’s awesome.

Alex: Great.

Mayara : Yeah.

Alex: That’s a huge plus.

Mayara : That is, for sure.

Alex: How much time do you…what do you typically spend most of your day doing? Is it usually interacting with guests, or is it dealing with the administration stuff?

Mayara : The guests.

Alex: Okay.

Mayara : Yeah. Of course we make sure we check all the rooms before we have A or B check in. We check all the rooms. We make sure we are ready to receive them. When they come to check in, of course we check the IDs and lead them to the rooms. And basically, that’s it. The good thing with Call Beds, we don’t need to get all the paperwork when they come to check in because we have it already.

Alex: Great.

Mayara : We check the ID, make sure this is your passport, and that’s it.

Alex: Awesome.

Mayara : We lead them to the rooms. And the bar is open, so they have a Caipirinha, go out for, I don’t know, maybe to visit the Falls, to visit the [inaudible 00:13:49], or just cross the border, go to Argentina to have fun. And that’s great.

Alex: Very cool. I had a question. I totally forgot what I was going to say. How Alexy employees do you have?

Mayara : We have three receptionists, plus one part-time…well, two part-times we have, so that makes six. We have Dannie [SP], the awesome lady that helps us cleaning. I think she has learned a lot of words in English in, like, a week. She is fantastic.

Alex: Great.

Mayara : I also have my mother that she helps with admin.

Alex: Awesome.

Mayara : Without her, I can’t do anything here. She’s the one that tells me, “You can buy this,” or “No, you cannot.”

Alex: That’s great. This is your first…so you started this business all by yourself, basically, and you came from a different industry. You’re really just, I’m assuming, learning as you go and really getting used to how everything works. That’s awesome.

Mayara : Yeah, I have worked at hostels, at hotels, small hotels, five-star hotels, and that gave me a little, let’s say, understanding of [inaudible 00:15:08].

Alex: Okay, some confidence. Yeah.

Mayara : Yeah.

Alex: That’s very cool. It sounds like you traveled a lot. What’s another hostel or hotel or even cruise ship in the industry, that you admire?

Mayara : Well, there is a hostel in Rio and Sao Paulo. It’s LimeTime Hostel.

Alex: Yeah, I’ve heard of them.

Mayara : I don’t know if you’ve heard about them.

Alex: Yeah, I…

Mayara : Bebeto [SP]?

Alex: Yeah.

Mayara : Yeah, they’re so much fun. And if I’m not wrong, I think LimeTime Hostel was the first hostel I’ve stayed in Brazil.

Alex: Okay.

Mayara : Yeah.

Alex: Very cool. What do you like about it?

Mayara : The atmosphere.

Alex: Yeah.

Mayara : It’s always fun. Whatever you get there, you have a great time no matter what time you get there. 

Alex: Very cool. Are they right in the heart of Rio?

Mayara : Yeah, they are in Botafogo.

Alex: Okay.

Mayara : And in Sao Paulo, they have two hostels.

Alex: Okay.

Mayara : And Vila Madalena, party hostel, too.

Alex: When you vacation, what’s your top destination, or where would you like to go visit?

Mayara : Well, I’ve been to quite a few places, and I haven’t been to Thailand yet.

Alex: Okay.

Mayara : So yeah, that might be my next destination. I just came back from Croatia, last month, and was just outstanding.

Alex: What did you do in Croatia?

Mayara : Well, we rent a boat and went on a…well, I worked on a cruise ship, so water for me is just…

Alex: Amazing, yeah?

Mayara : Amazing, yeah.

Alex: Right. So your hostel, in terms of Brazil, you are on the bottom left side, if you’re looking at a map?

Mayara : Yes.

Alex: Okay, great. How far are you from the water?

Mayara : Far.

Alex: Far.

Mayara : Far.

Alex: Oh, gosh. Is it easy to get there, or is it hard?

Mayara : It is easy. I mean, you can take a bus from here to Rio for 23 hours or so.

Alex: Oh, wow. Okay.

Mayara : By bus. However, if you catch a plane, it’s like an hour and a half, maybe less than that.

Alex: Okay.

Mayara : Or you can go [inaudible 00:17:33] in the south for…I might be wrong but it’s like 17 hours.

Alex: Okay.

Mayara : So it’s quite far.

Alex: Yeah, it’s a hike. It sounds like a hike.

Mayara : Yeah.

Alex: Who has inspired you most in your career? Or what inspired you to open your hostel?

Mayara : Well, I’m a kind of person that I like to do things on my own, but I look to learn from other people as well. But I don’t really have one special person besides my mother that’s, you know, always working hard. But in general, I think I always look to do things on my own and learn from others, for sure.

Alex: Awesome.

Mayara : I don’t think it’s fair to say, “This person or that person actually inspired me.” You always learn different things from different people.

Alex: Right. It’s a collection of…

Mayara : [inaudible 00:18:33].

Alex: Yeah, there you go. If you had a message to someone who wants to be a hostel owner or a hotelier, what would you tell them?

Mayara : Well, that’s a cliché answer, but I will say it anyway. Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life. Yeah, it’s very cliché but I think that works really well.

Alex: That’s great. Are you telling me you don’t feel like you’re working?

Mayara : Not at all.

Alex: Great, I love it.

Mayara : Not at all, I tell you that.

Alex: At any given time, how many people are in the hostel? Or I guess you probably have your off season and your on season.

Mayara : Yeah, in Brazil, especially where we are located, not in Rio. Like, Rio, it’s a high season the whole year, for sure. But for us, we do have a really high season in the month of July.

Alex: Okay.

Mayara : And right now, it’s kind of low but we still have quite a bit of people in the house. In November, December, and Jan., it’s a high season for us.

Alex: Okay, so you…

Mayara : But of course talking about international travelers. We also have the Brazilian travelers as well that come in off season.

Alex: Right, okay. So you guys open right in the middle of busy season then?

Mayara : Yeah, in January. Yes, for sure.

Alex: Right, awesome. Because you’re opposite right now, are you in winter right now?

Mayara : End of winter, yes.

Alex: End of winter, okay. So that makes sense because then your international travelers are coming for their winter.

Mayara : Yeah.

Alex: Got it. I was exploring your website a little and it seems like you guys have a bunch excursions and stuff, so can you tell me a little bit more about those?

Mayara : Well, we do have the Brazilian side of the Falls, which is amazing. So, for the Brazilian side, we always recommend our guests to take a bus; it’s cheaper and faster. You got to make more for your money, right? You got to enjoy more so you can travel more. And once you save more money, there is no problem to extend your trip an extra month.

Alex: A whole month.

Mayara : Why not? So for the Brazilian side, like I said, we do recommend people to take a bus. It takes about, from our hostel, 25 minutes to get there by bus, as the bus stop is a half block away from the hostel. Then you can visit the Brazilian side of the Falls and the bird park. Which I don’t know if you’ve heard about it, it’s amazing.

Alex: I’ve not heard about it.

Mayara : We also have excursions to the Argentina side of the Falls. However, the park in the Argentina side is much bigger, so we recommend people to take a tour. Our tour picks them up at the hostel, do all the border procedure as you are crossing to another country, right? It’s also the park entrance included, and then they bring you back. There we have a tour guide that speaks English, Spanish, Portuguese. Sometimes it’s not always the same tour guide, so we have guides that speak a little bit of German, a little bit of French. So it all depends who’s working on that specific day. But for sure English and Spanish there is always a guide.

Alex: Are they your tour guides or are they their tour guides?

Mayara : Their tour guides.

Alex: Their tour guides, okay, great.

Mayara : It’s like a third party that works with us.

Alex: Okay, very cool. I was looking at the pictures of the Falls, and they look amazing.

Mayara : Yeah, you should come down.

Alex: Yeah, I should. I definitely should. I’m definitely getting the travel bug after talking to all of these Brazilian hostels. I need to go visit the other office.

Mayara : Well, mi casa, su casa.

Alex: I love it. It’s very fun. Is there anything else that…so when I come to your hostel, what do I need to do? What are the absolute must do’s?

Mayara : You must have a Caipirinha at our bar. That’s a must.

Alex: A what?

Mayara : A Caipirinha. It’s a Brazilian drink. Have you tried it yet?

Alex: I haven’t.

Mayara : Oh, you should.

Alex: What is it?

Mayara : It’s lime, sugar, and cachaça.

Alex: Sounds amazing.

Mayara : It’s not bad at all.

Alex: I know you have the excursions, which sound like hikes and going to see stuff, but what about in your area, what are the best things to do?

Mayara : Well, right now at the hostel, we are setting up a game room with pool tables, ping pong table, dart boards. We do have a lot of other games available at the hostel. And around us, we do have very good restaurants. We have Italian restaurants. We have traditional Brazilian food. Right around the corner we have a night club that is a very, very Brazilian night club. You won’t listen to any song in English.

Alex: Okay.

Mayara : Okay. You will listen to [inaudible 00:23:52].

Alex: Okay.

Mayara : So it’s kind of the thing in Brazil right now. And it’s half a block away from the hostel, so you don’t need the taxi. You don’t need any kind of transportation. It’s like two steps.

Alex: Right next door.

Mayara : Yeah.

Alex: That’s awesome. Okay, well this has been awesome. Is there anything else that you would like to share with me about your hostel or your experience?

Mayara : Well, there’s a lot of surprise coming up, so you need to visit so you get to see it.

Alex: Awesome. It sounds great. What I’ll do now is I’ll save this video and then we’ll post it to our YouTube channel. And then I’ll write a future blog post on it and it’ll include any pictures. So, I can take pictures of your website, or if you want to email me some of your best pictures or your favorite ones, I can include those in the blog post. And then…

Mayara : Well, we are in the process of renovating some rooms, but it’ll take at least a week or so. I don’t know when you’re planning to post it.

Alex: I think we’re planning to post it sometime early next week, so Monday through Wednesday. But if you have new pictures that you want me to include later on, I can just add them in.

Mayara : Oh, perfect. That’s good.

Alex: Awesome.

Mayara : The house is yours, Alex, whenever you’re ready to come [inaudible 00:25:12].

Alex: I’ll be ready. I’ll let you know. Yeah.

Mayara : I’ll be coming to the States next month.

Alex: Where are you going?

Mayara : I’m going to Hawaii.

Alex: Okay. That’s not really the States. I’m just kidding.

Mayara : Well, yes, it is.

Alex: It is, but it’s not.

Mayara : Yeah, I need to do all my paperwork. It’s a bunch of stuff, like, renew all the immigration things.

Alex: It’s hard to go between Brazil and the United States, isn’t it? Or there’s a lot of hoops.

Mayara : Well, for me right now, it’s not that bad. I have all my paperwork already set up.

Alex: Okay.

Mayara : So it’s okay. It’s just [inaudible 00:25:51] long flight and all that.

Alex: Yeah, it is a long flight.

Mayara : I have a plan to maybe a couple of weeks in south California, so I might stop by to say hi to you guys.

Alex: Yeah, you definitely should.

Mayara : You guys stay in San Diego, right?

Alex: Yep.

Mayara : I love that place.

Alex: You’ve been before, I’m assuming.

Mayara : Yeah.

Alex: Yeah, it’s the best. Yeah, if you’re in town, definitely come by. We’ll show you a good American time.

Mayara : I hope so.

Alex: Great. Well, I really appreciate you talking with me today. I’m glad I got to put a name to a face, so it’s been awesome.

Mayara : Perfect.

Alex: I’m glad that Stephen connected us. I will shoot you an email when it’s ready. If I need anything else, I’ll just let you know. And same for you if you need anything, just holler.

Mayara : Awesome. Like I said, Alex, whatever you guys, any of you in the office, whenever you want to come to Brazil, you’re more than welcome.

Alex: We’ll take a whole company trip. We’ll all come.

Mayara : Yeah, just close the office and come by. We have internet here, so you can work from here.

Alex: Okay. It sounds perfect. Well, thank you so much.

Mayara : Thank you.

Alex: Have a good rest of the day.

Mayara : See you later.

Alex: Bye.

Mayara : Bye.

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About Alex Gaggioli

Alex Gaggioli is a digital marketing manager at Cloudbeds where he manages social media and creates content. He lives in sunny San Diego, near Cloudbeds headquarters. When he’s not firing off on social media, you can find him at the beach or checking out the newest restaurant in town.
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