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  1. Troy

    Interesting article.
    Surely if you increase your revenue you increase your revenue per available room?
    – Could you elaborate on how you can increase your revenue but not your revenue per available room?

    You talk about commissions and checking that accurate statements are produced. Cloudbeds cannot provide this at this time. If there is a change to a OTA booking Cloudbeds cannot pick up the update. Also if a guest is ‘In-House’ then the reservation will not be updated by Cloudbeds means that the commission will not be updated.

    A PMS system should also be able to offer accurate revenue and occupancy reporting, can you let me know where I can get this information for future booking on the Cloudbeds system as this is currently inaccurate.

    1. Alex Gaggioli Post author

      Hi Troy, thanks for your comment. Yes you are correct, if you increase revenue from sold rooms/beds you will increase revPAR. The point we were trying to make was that a PMS can save you money and increase revenue in ways that aren’t always associated with increasing room revenue. Does that make sense?

      As for the reports, I will forward your feedback to the product team. We are always improving our reports and it’s important for us to know you’re receiving the most accurate data.


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