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Creating a Profitable Hotel Distribution Strategy

Learn tips on how to create a profitable hotel distribution strategy from identifying a target market to OTA best practices to rate bracketing.

Travel Hashtags and Hotel Marketing Tools: 9 Ways Social Media and Other Tools Can Help Promote Your Hotel

No doubt about it: Social media is one of the most crucial hotel marketing tools for business promotion and advertisement […]

How Hotels, Hostels and B&Bs can Level the Playing Field with Metasearch Advertising

When it comes to common online searches like, “how does Bitcoin work,” “what’s a fidget spinner,” or “best boutique hotel […]

8 Ways Hostel Marketing Should Differ from Hotel Marketing

When it comes to marketing, you might think that hostels and hotels have the same practices. After all, both are […]

Why Your Hotel Marketing Strategy Should include PR and How to Use it Effectively

With several different hotel properties vying for the same customer, it’s now crucial for hospitality owners and managers to use […]

A Definitive Guide to Working with Travel Bloggers

Why Work with Travel Bloggers? So you want to cast a wider net with your marketing efforts, getting your hotel […]

Which OTA Should Your Hotel Use? – Infographic

Be sure to check our in-depth analysis of online travel agencies, here.

What You Need to Know About In-Flight Magazines

Introduction: Air travel is not always glamorous, and certainly not always fun. If you think about it, air travel is […]

How to Make a Hotel Website with WordPress

There are countless website solutions out there these days. You could go the SaaS route and pay a monthly subscription […]