How Technology Creates Happier Employees

By Alex Gaggioli, April 20, 2016


There’s an interesting difference between large properties and small properties that is rarely brought up. Software and technology are usually a pain point for any property, but for different reasons. Large hotels are usually using antiquated systems that have been built upon over many years. Small hotels usually struggle to find the right software to begin with, or completely lack the right tools.

Hotels often focus on upgrading their rooms, lobbies, and other guest-facing areas yet ignore employee areas, according to Tnooz. Tnooz brings up an interesting point. Hospitality businesses’ first priority is and always should be the guest. However, giving your employees the tools they need to effectively help your guests is a win-win situation. Here’ we’ll discuss the benefits of enabling your employees with the right tech to run their workday.

The Benefits

Employee Enablement

Employee happiness directly influences guest experience and happiness. Technology, in and of itself, usually won’t solve a problem, according to ZDNet. It’s not the tools that make a job easier, it’s how they’re used. So, when new technology is given to an employee, the major benefit is that they can do their job better.

Bad technology can cause inefficiencies which decrease productivity and affect job satisfaction. The most common ways to detect if technology is affecting your employees are their actions. If they complain about slowness, poor IT support, or they actively hate your application, it may be time to update, according to Entech.

Streamline Processes

Up-to-date software, especially property management and customer relationship management platforms, help streamline processes. For small hoteliers who use Excel spreadsheets, pen and paper, or other outdated methods to manage their properties, waste a lot of time. Busy-work and mundane processes not only steal valuable time, but also decrease employee morale.

Employees want to feel like the work they do matters for the business. In the case of most small to medium-sized properties, employees wear many hats and complete many tasks. The individual in charge of managing reservations and managing guests is likely the same person. Up-to-date technology allows employees to spend less time on the computer and more time interacting with your guests.

Increase Communication

Increase Communication

Better technology, particularly property management systems, can help increase communication and decrease confusion at your property. If your property uses outdated technology, there is a lot of opportunity for miscommunication.

For example, when you update an Excel spreadsheet, it only saves to the computer it was changed on. If another team member needs to access reservations, checked-in guests, or other information, they are unaware of potential changes.

In the case of online property management systems, like Cloudbeds, all changes are updated in real-time. This allows employees and property owners to get the most accurate information whenever they like.

Cloudbeds’ PMS, myfrontdesk, now allows users to make comments on individual guest reservations to ensure that any special information is always up-to-date. With all your reservations and guest information in one place, it also gives hoteliers the ability to increase communication with their guests. A PMS makes it easy to find any guests’ contact information quickly.

Waste Less Time

As mentioned above, good technology saves time. The average Cloudbeds client saves eight hours a week in administrative work. There are so many tasks you must complete every day and they shouldn’t be hindered by the technology you use to run your business.

With updated technology, you have the power to automate and take back your workday. And as part of increased communication, you and your employees will waste less time. You will make fewer mistakes and spend less time working to fix them.

Spend More Time with Guests

Your guests are any property’s most important priority. As a property owner or manager, your favorite thing to do is interact with your guests, not deal with outdated technology and admin work. Technology and property management systems in particular help you do more of the things you like to do. And in turn, you and your employees are happier because of it. Technology cannot eliminate admin work, but it helps you get back to what you want to do faster.


When your employees (and you!) are happier, they’ll be more productive and more engaged. A piece of technology or software platform won’t inherently change your employees’ attitudes or productivity levels. Technology enables people to work better and smarter. When employees feel that their time is well spent, they will simply be happier.

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