Important Updates – January 26th, 2015

By Cloudbeds Admin, January 20, 2015


Important Updates:

We would like to communicate some of the cool upcoming improvements to the Cloudbeds platform and services.

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Rollout starting January 26th, 2015

Important: We’ll be conducting online webinars demonstrating how to use all new functionalities. Check here for the webinar dates and details.

  • Cashiering System: The cashiering system will be used to record cash transactions of front desk representatives working at the property. At the start of each shift, the user will have to open a drawer and enter a beginning balance, at which all the cash transactions created by that user will begin to be recorded. When the shift is complete, the user will close the drawer, enter the ending balance and a cash drop amount. This will be stored in a report and shared with the managers.
  • User roles and permissions: Property owners will be provided with a list of user roles to select from when adding a new user to use the system. The owners can likewise modify the permissions on the existing user roles, as well as create new custom ones.
  • House Account: An account to place all transactions and payments that are not associated with any particular reservation. This could include payments made to employees, or by someone walking into the hotel bar to buy a soda, for instance.
  • Rate Plan Support: ‘Packages’ functionality is now extended to accommodate both packages and rate plans. Hotel will be able to derive a rate from the daily rate as well as create multiple non-derived rate plans. Both daily rates and rate plans will display on a daily basis where each day can have a separate price, rather than weekday / weekend. Additional restrictions will be added, which include ‘Closed to Arrival’, ‘Last Minute Booking’, and ‘Early Booking’.
  • Daily Rates: The rate system has been entirely revamped for greater flexibility, and will no longer follow the standard base rate, high/low season rate tier. The option to add a separate price point for each day of the week is now available, along with Maximum Length of Stay. This allows not only for a variation of prices on a day-to-day basis, but likewise different restrictions for each day. You will likewise now be able to choose exactly how far you want to make your inventory available without having to select prices for date ranges that you are not yet prepared to sell.
  • Activity logs: capture all activity related to prices and revenue, reservations and availability, including the username.
  • Collect additional guest information: allows entering complete guest information for all additional guests on a reservation, not just the main guest.
  • Guest Lookup: upon creating a new reservation (regular or third party), hotelier will be provided with a list of existing guests (matching First or Last names, Email and Phone) to create the reservation for. For reservations coming through Website / Facebook booking engine and external channels / OTAs, it is not possible to confirm that it is the same person. The reservation will be added to an existing guest only if all of the information matches.
  • Import Reservations: Ability to import reservations into the system.
  • Ipad: Calendar now compatible with Apple’s Ipad.
  • Source / Channel Reports: Switch added to channel-related reports to select whether to view the parent category selected or all the sub-categories within it (ie see all production for ‘Direct’, or individually for ‘Website’ and ‘Phone’.
  • Room blocks created from the room blocks page now appear in red on the calendar
  • Other fixes and minor adjustments.

If you have any questions, please contact our Customer Service Team:

Cloudbeds Admin

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