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By Cloudbeds, November 15, 2016

Our goal is to make your life easier, and this month we have a whole bunch of enhancements and new functionality to deliver to you. This month, we focused on bringing you updates that will optimize your workflows and bring your guests more options when it comes to booking.

We know you are crunched for time and those seconds really do add up. From reducing the number of clicks it takes to perform certain tasks, to identifying group reservations, we know it’s the little stuff that makes a big difference.

But, we also know the big stuff makes a big difference too. That’s why we’ve added functionalities like additional reporting and more payment flexibility. Your feedback is invaluable to us and we use it to influence the changes we make on a regular basis.  We welcome you to comment on this post or submit more suggestions to our idea board at

Workflow Optimizations

Calendar Improvements

The myfrontdesk calendar is the most widely used Cloudbeds feature, and we’ve optimized how it works. Most myfrontdesk customers use the calendar to run their entire property so it’s essential that we continue to optimize it and add new features. We’ve addressed some commonly requested features and have more functionality in the pipeline. You can read about all the changes to the calendar on the knowledge base here.

Here are a few updates we made:

  • We made the calendar more of a full-screen view, so you can easily see more dates and more of your rooms at a single time. As a result, some parts of the calendar such as the room assignments button, the legend, and the tutorial have been moved to allow more space.
  • Allowing you to scroll dates on the calendar via dragging or using the arrow keys on your keyboard so you can more easily see a snapshot of your occupancy, rates and room assignments across any date range
  • You can now easily see which reservations belong to a larger group in order to help with your room reassignments
  • We added a badge to reservation details so you can now easily see which reservations have a note added to help with any special requests or additional action items
  • The reservation popup was redesigned to give you much more information at a glance. Including notes, number of guests, and arrival time.
  • You can now configure how guest names appear – either “first name, last name” or “last name, first name.”

Added Functionality

Workflow Adjustments

  • Reservations page has two new filters: sources and stay date. This will allow you to filter down to and export only the reservations that are relevant to you
  • Taxes and fees on invoices have been separated into multiple sections in compliance with tax rules set by many countries throughout the world (More info on the knowledge base here
  • Added a “save” button to housekeeping module to reduce clicks and increase efficiency, and prevent having to wait an extra few seconds after changing the condition of each room
  • Guest names are separated into first name and last name across many sections of the application to make it easier to sort and filter
  • Changed number of default rows in all tables from 10 to 100 to view more data faster
  • Added icon for derived rates to the availability matrix (more information on the knowledge base here)
  • Added ability to drag and drop or to use arrow keys on keyboard to scroll horizontally to the availability matrix

Estimated Arrival Time

Now you can add your guests’ estimated arrival time to their reservation. We designed this function so you can get a better feel for how and when your day will be busy. You can gauge who needs to be present at the front desk at any given time of the day based on when the guests are expected to arrive. You can read the knowledge base article here.

estimated arrival time

Seasonal Pricing for Additional Guests Added to Availability Matrix

You now have the ability to set rates for each individual guest with the long term interval button or directly inside the availability matrix. Previously this option was available only via base rates page. You can read more about it on the knowledge base here

seasonal pricing for additional guests

Additional Room Revenue for Cancellations, No Shows, etc.

You now have the ability to separate out room revenue into different categories: room revenue, no show revenue, cancellation revenue. Before, if a guest canceled or didn’t show up, there was no way to post revenue associated with that reservation. Now it’s possible for those fees to post to your overall revenue reports and display more accurate data. You can read more about it on the knowledge base here.

Folio Buttons Grouped Into Two Lists

In order to avoid cluttering the page, we have grouped the current five buttons (with more soon to come) into two drop-down button lists: Add / Refund Payment, Add / Adjust Charge. All previous functionality will be grouped into one of these two picklists.

additional room revenue

More Payment Flexibility

If you are using payment processing with Cloudbeds and the payment is scheduled to be collected for a future date, the system will now alert you of this scheduled payment before allowing the staff to create a duplicate. This gives you more flexibility when it comes to processing payments and allows you to keep track of pending payments. You can read more about it on the knowledge base here

More Reports to Increase Your Knowledge

One of our top goals is to empower independent property owners and managers with the tools they need to make better decisions. As a part of that mission, we’ve created more reports to give you a more comprehensive look at your property. Knowledge is power and we want to provide you with the tools necessary to move the needle.

New Reports

Payment Reconciliation Report:

  • Shows amount of payments collected by each user and payment type (i.e. credit, cash, PayPal, etc.)
  • You can read more about it on the knowledge base here.

Room Move Report:

  • Shows guests who have moved or changed rooms during their stay (not including split reservations)

Daily Revenue Report:

  • Report that shows revenue received on any given day, broken down by category.
  • You can read more about it on the knowledge base here.

User Reconciliation Report:

  • Shows payments of each type collected by each user
  • You can read more about it on the knowledge base here

Tax Report:

  • Report that shows different tax totals for all accommodation types and items associated to the selected tax.
  • You can read more about it on the knowledge base here.

Updated Reports

Daily Financial Reports:

  • Added number of walk-in reservations
  • You can read more about the changes on the knowledge base here.

Account Balances:

  • Added the option to select whether all reservations with a zero balance should appear or not
  • Added filters for check-in check-out dates
  • You can read more about it on the knowledge base here.

Transaction Report:

  • Added columns for arrival date, departure date, and reservation status

Additional Items:

  • Added PayDollar payment gateway
  • Added PayU LATAM payment gateway
  • Added Thai language to mybooking

Stay Tuned for More

Stay tuned for even more updates coming down the pipeline as we end 2016 and head into 2017. As always, if you have any questions or comments, please feel free to reach out.


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