May / June Updates

By Cloudbeds, May 29, 2015

Our talented team works hard behind the scenes to improve our software and add more integrations each month.

We’re bringing a major release this time, with lots of cool features. Check it out:


  • Demo Accounts: New customers can now create a demo account and play around for 30 days. The demo account is populated with sample data to make the experience more real. There is no need to tweak with the settings.
  • Getting Started Menu: New accounts will now be given a checklist to help them get set-up in record time.
  • Currency Conversion Fix: prior to the fix, reservations coming from sources that used a currency different than the system (i.e. OTA using dollars and system set in Pesos) required the hotelier to manually fix the amount to the correct value. Now, for all reservations coming from these sources after 5 a.m. (GMT -3), June 8th, 2015, currency conversion is automatic.
  • Add Document to Reservation or Guest: You can now add documents to either reservations or guests. This can include a scanned image of a passport for a guest, or a voucher/promo code for a reservation.
  • Take a Photo of Guest or Upload: You can now take photos of your guests right from your front desk. Under ‘Customers’ menu item, select the button ‘Take Photo’ to activate a camera connected to the same device running myfrontdesk. Select ‘Upload Photo’ to select a photo file from your hard drive and upload it to myfrontdesk.
  • Payment Processing: Cloudbeds will now allow property to connect directly to a payment gateway for credit card validation, authorization and capture (processing transaction). To use this feature, the property must have an existing relationship / contract with one of the following supported payment gateways: Authorize.net; CyberSource ; Elavon; Litle & Co; Merchant e-Solutions; QuickBooks Merchant Services; Six Payment Services; USA ePay; Chase NetConnect; FirstData Global; Moneris eSelect Plus; NMI; Orbital Paymentech; PayPal Payflow Pro; Stripe.
  • Credit Cards and Authorizations: Credit Card number will not be stored in the Payments list. There is now a link to a specific screen to view existing cards, to add new ones, and to mark them as active or inactive. (Marking as inactive will not allow any payments going forward to be made using that card). If payment processing is enabled, it likewise allows you to authorize a credit card or capture a payment from an existing authorization.
  • Custom Fields for customers or reservations: We extended custom fields functionality. It can now be assigned to a reservation or to a guest. A field assigned to a reservation will show up only for that reservation. A field assigned to a guest will show up on the guest’s page, as well as under the contact details of the guest on each reservation.
  • Additional user permissions added: 
    • Override the price of product on reservation/account. If disabled, the user will not be able to change the price of an item that has been created.
    • Override room rate. If disabled, when a guest is moved from one accommodation type to another using the calendar, and the rates between the two accommodations are different, user will be not able to “Override” the rate difference.
    • Show or hide the activity log for user.
  • Property Location on Map: We added a map to the “Hotel Profile > Property Profile” page that displays where the property is located based on the address entered. If this marker is placed in an incorrect location, the user can click on the marker within the map and drag it to where the property should be located. The latitude and longitude coordinates will be updated accordingly.
  • User permission dependencies: We made certain permissions as dependents others. For example, you cannot have the permission to add a private house account without being able to add a house account.
  • View Percentage Occupancy: On occupancy reports, you can now select whether to view the report in “room nights occupied”, or “percentage occupied”.
  • Credit card expiration date: When adding a credit card (to a guest folio, when creating or modifying a reservation), the expiration date will default to the current month and will not allow a past date to be entered.
  • Navigate directly to page: If a user is navigating to a specific page (i.e. a reservation page) but is required to login, user will be taken to that page instead of dashboard after logging in.
  • Announcements tied to user instead of property: When the Cloudbeds team creates an announcement and one user dismisses it, the other users from that property will now continue to see it, until they dismiss it themselves.
  • Post an adjustment or an inventory item for a future date: We added date and time pickers to adjustments and inventory items being added to a reservation or house account, to allow a transaction to post for a future date.
  • Separate Rate Interval into multiple parts: On the Rates page, if a long interval exists and you attempt to add another day for a different price in-between, now a window will inform you that this interval is already included in another date range, and will split the interval into multiple parts.
  • Note visibility: A note added to a reservation, or a guest, currently shows up on all reservations for that guest. We fixed this so a note added to a guest will show up only on the guest’s page. A note added to a reservation only shows up on that reservation.
  • Other minor fixes and improvements.


  • currencyCurrency Converter: Now your guests can view room prices in different currencies! We added a drop-down menu to the top of the booking page, allowing the guest to select from dozens of currencies. The rates shown in the page will switch to the other currency, showing an estimate of how much the guest will pay in their local currency. Please note that the transaction will continue to be registered in the property’s default currency. The reference exchange rates are updated every 2 hours.
  • Language Selection: Aside from being able to choose the currency, guests can also choose the language to view the booking page in. Currently only 4 languages are supported: English, Spanish, Portuguese, and Russian.


  • Minor fixes and improvements.

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