Pillow Talk: Cloudbeds Product Updates November 2019

Jeremee Peters

By Jeremee Peters

Grab a pillow! Let’s talk…

It’s the last quarter of 2019 and we’re hard at work getting ready for 2020. Keep reading to find out about our newest features and exciting updates.

Recent updates

First Channels Migrated onto New Channel Setup Experience

A glimpse into the future of the Channel Distribution page is now live. 

We’ve introduced a new interface that includes fresh functionalities, enhanced security, process modernization, language localization, and increased contextual information to help make the process more intuitive. This sets the foundation for channel multi-rate plan support, new integrations to TripAdvisor and Google, and the ability to manage property and room level data to our largest channel partners. 

HomeAway/VRBO, Airbnb, TripAdvisor Vacation Rentals, Hipcamp, Glamping Hub, Ebab, HotelBonanza, 9Flats and Wimdu – have been migrated onto the new channel setup / manage interface – with more coming soon



Airbnb API Channel Setup Additions: Discounts, Taxes, Fees, Price Rules

Cloudbeds has incorporated new features into the Airbnb Channel Setup flow, including the ability to directly add Taxes, Discounts and Fees. Users can now import their settings directly from Airbnb and then manage these fields within Cloudbeds. 

This feature makes connecting to the Airbnb API much easier and more intuitive. If you’re currently using the iCal connection, we highly recommend you switch over to this new integration as it provides many additional benefits


We’ve updated the Accommodation Types page

You may have noticed that things look a little different on your Accommodation Types page — a little easier, a little simpler, and ultimately, a little better.

We’ve added functionalities such as search, filters and drag and drop to help you interact more easily with your accommodation types. Important information, such as inventory summary, shared inventory, and the accommodation type abbreviations, are now more visible at a glance.

Read more about this update!


Updates to Despegar: Booking Receipt + Adding Credit Card Support

Great news for users connected to Despegar/Decolar. One of the largest OTAs in Latin America, Despegar/Decolar has updated their API to improve the way Cloudbeds users receive bookings from this channel. This improvement will ensure faster booking delivery and also comes with the inclusion of credit card data in reservations.


New Channels and Integrations


MarketPlace Integrations

Flexkeeping- Housekeeping

Flexkeeping is a staff communication and hotel operations management platform where your team can exchange information, resolve issues, and ensure things get done. Flexkeeping helps you connect your departments and organize workflow. It keeps you informed about everything that’s happening in your hotel, and provides you with meaningful analytics to maximize your hotel’s performance.

Connect to Flexkeeping.

New Channels on our Channel Manager 

Simplotel is a website builder that specializes in creating responsive, search engine optimized websites for hotels. Focus on growing your direct booking revenue with features that include automatic email remarketing, personalization, and tracking customers’ journey.

Connect to Simplotel.

Published on 05 December, 2019
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About Jeremee Peters

Jeremee Peters

Jeremee is a Cloudbeds Product Manager specializing in channels, distribution, and connectivity. She’s a Harvard graduate with over 7 years of experience in tech at the corporate, nonprofit, and startup levels. As a ‘tech hybrid’ Jeremee lives in the space between business and technical operations, bridging the gap between stakeholders and the technology required to execute their visions. In her free time, the Las Vegas native loves playing beach volleyball on the sunny shores of San Diego.

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