San Diego City Guide – Infographic

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Posted by Alex Gaggioli
July 6, 2016

Last week we shared how and why your hotel or hostel should create a localized city guide. Guests are always looking for local recommendations and a city guide is the perfect piece of content to share with them. It’s also quite versatile. It can live on your website and you can also print it out. Some guests prefer web-based content and some prefer paper. You can make both types of people happy.

If you decide to print it, we suggest creating an infographic to accompany the recommendations. To show you an example, we created an infographic for our San Diego City Guide which you can see below.

Now, if you ever visit San Diego, you have a hand-picked, curated list of places to go from your friends at Cloudbeds. We hope you enjoy!

San Diego City Guide Infographic

Be sure to check out the full San Diego City Guide and all of our recommendations here.