300+ booking channels. Zero added commissions.

Connect to 300+ OTAs such as, Airbnb, Vrbo or Expedia with no added commissions. Reach more travelers and increase your reservations. Try Europe's best Channel Manager!

I love the flexibility of Cloudbeds, the 24/7 support is invaluable. The shared inventory function really came into its own over the pandemic when we had to pivot and sell our dorm-bed rooms as private rooms only.

Lee Strickland, Co-Founder at Cohort St Ives, Cornwall

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Stay always in sync

Keep your availability and rates always up to date. The Cloudbeds Channel Manager instantly updates any reservation coming from an OTA or your property's website.

One-click rate changes

Manage your pricing and distribution strategy from one platform. Save time and always keep your pricing competitive by updating your room rates with Clodubeds.

Avoid overbookings

Forget about double bookings caused by manual errors. Automate your job and connect to hundreds of online distribution channels.

All-in-one Hotel Software
Cloudbeds, a cloud-based, integrated hospitality platform made to grow revenue, save time and streamline operations. Increase your reservations and enable happier guests with industry's #1 hotel solution!
Reach more travelers and get more reservations.
Increase your visibility and grow your property's occupancy by connecting to different OTAs. Always stay visible on the most relevant online channels for your hotel, hostel, B&B, guesthouse, or short-term rentals. Connect to unlimited channels with ZERO additional commissions or extra fees.
Choose from 300+ channels
Streamline your distribution strategy
0 added commissions
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Build and automate your distribution strategy
Easily customize the way you sell your rooms. Get availability updates to and from your PMS in real time without ever having to worry about overbookings. Centralize your inventory and reach more guests.
Set different pricing
Sell in multiple currencies
Customize automated emails on a per-channel basis
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Trust thousands of clients who chose Cloudbeds. Let us help you grow your revenue and simplify your operations.
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