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GDPR and Data Privacy Commitments – Cloudbeds has you covered

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Posted by Cloudbeds
May 30, 2018

Now that the GDPR has gone into effect, we wanted to give you a final update on what Cloudbeds has done to safeguard your privacy as well as the privacy of your guests.

In the hospitality industry where people are coming and going all around the world, we at Cloudbeds want to make sure all of our customers feel like everyone is committed to giving travelers peace of mind about their personal data.

To that end, some of the measures Cloudbeds has put in place for the GDPR, Data and Privacy are:

  • An updated Privacy Policy that explains how we use and protect your and your guest’s data
  • An updated Terms of Service that confirms our mutual obligations under GDPR
  • Data Processing Agreement that provides GDPR contractual requirements between Cloudbeds and our Customers
  • A thorough review with our legal team to ensure that we have met the requirements of the GDPR
  • Technical and organizational security measures for data protection
  • A GDPR Product Release featuring Data and Privacy Controls throughout our products to support your GDPR compliance efforts

Please, take a few minutes now to check out our full list of Cloudbeds’ GDPR and Data Privacy Commitments


We’ve also made a few updates to our software to help you follow through with GDPR compliance regulations. The three main components are:


Guest Data Extraction

Guests can request to see all data that a property has collected on them. The property has 72 hours to export this data and send to the guest. You’ll now be able to quickly download a file with all guest details, including guest history, documents, and notes.   







Guest Data Anonymization

After check out and payment processes are completed, guests have the right to have all personally identifiable data “forgotten” by the property. We’ve added the ability to anonymize guest data in a way that removes all personally identifiable guest information from the system and replaces it with an unidentifiable entry.  

See how to extract/remove guest data here.


Marketing Opt-In for Guests

Guests have the fundamental right to control what marketing materials they receive. If you intend to send news about special offers or deals, guests will need to consent to receive marketing emails first. We’ve added a guest opt-in toggle to the Guest Page so you can identify if a guest has consented to receive marketing and promotional content. Note that only guests have the ability to opt-in; you will only be able to view their selection on the Guest Page.  

Learn how to set up the marketing opt-in.





Read all about Cloudbeds GDPR product release featuring data privacy and controls here.

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