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December Updates: Groundswell 1.1

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Posted by Cloudbeds
December 9, 2015


  • The filters will not reset with each action performed, such as adding a payment, adjustment, or item to the folio. Currently when one of those is performed, all the filters reset and go to default filters.
  • Quantity column added to the table. The quantity will appear only for add-ons and items added to the reservation. 
  • From date filter will no longer be populated when navigating to the folio page
  • Adjustments will appear as a red value in parentheses (5,00)


  • Restriction added when creating or modifying a reservation that the dates for each room must overlap or be adjacent. Will not be able to create a reservation with one room for the 1st – 3rd, and the other room for 15th – 19th. This should be handled by creating separate reservations.
  • On the simple view of  creating a reservation, the default “quantity” selected for each room type will be. This will eliminate an extra click of having to select a quantity.
  • For all reservations made using a different currency than the property’s default, the conversion rate will display on the reservation. Had this previously but was lost with the new reservation views. It will appear as an icon within the breakdown of rates.

Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 4.38.04 PM

  • Added the ability to modify the information entered for a custom field

Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 4.39.51 PM

Configuration options

Configuration option to select whether the property user is required to have the full balance due collected prior to being able to check a guest in has been added. On the “Hotel Policies” page, the following question has been added: “Do you require the full payment amount of the reservation to be collected prior to check-in?” If yes is selected, the user will not be allowed to check in the reservation prior to collecting the full payment amount


Housekeeping page will now show the full name of the room instead of the abbreviation

Character Limit

Character limit removed for entering custom text for the invoice. Previously set to only 255 characters

Invoices and Emails

Added ability to send invoices and emails in all the languages currently supported by mybookings (English, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, Italian, German, French, Estonian, Dutch). Previously was only English, Portuguese and Spanish. Translations are still in progress and will be available within a week.

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