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HI Hostel + Cloudbeds Partnership

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Posted by Alex Gaggioli
February 24, 2017

Our New Partnership

We are excited to announce that Cloudbeds and HI Hostels have partnered up to offer HI Hostel properties an exclusive limited time offer. Hosteling International is one of the world’s largest international membership organizations. Their network includes more than 3,700 hostels and 3.7 million members. HI Hostels spans the entire globe and offers travelers culturally rich experiences no matter where they happen to be.

Cloudbeds knows that hostel owners and operators are passionate about traveling, meeting new people, and connecting with the world. What they’re not passionate about is doing administrative work that slows down their day and takes them away from their guests. Cloudbeds’ property management system, channel manager, and booking engine help hostel owners spend less time doing boring admin work and more time doing what they love.

HI Hostel and Cloudbeds are excited to offer 20% off our full software suite and 10% off our channel manager for HI Hostel member properties. HI Hostel offers their partner hostels a myriad of benefits, and now Cloudbeds is one of them.

Some of the benefits that Cloudbeds’ hostel clients enjoy:

You can read about all the benefits Cloudbeds’ offers hostels here.

Hostel Specific Features

Cloudbeds was built and designed for hostel owners and operators’ specific needs. Hostels can sell rooms and beds the way they want to. With multi-bed reservations, split reservations, shared inventory, and more, you can manage your hostel in a way that makes the most sense for your business. We know how important it is for hostels to use software that allows them to run their businesses the way they want to, and we’ve created a solution that more than 4,000 hostels trust.

Streamlined Operations

Complete common daily tasks in seconds instead of minutes. Cloudbeds allows you to manage your property from a single platform so that you can manage inventory allocation, reservations, rate plans, reporting, accept payments, and so much more from a single screen. The average hostel owner saves several hours a week after switching to Cloudbeds.

Our handy dashboard allows you to see what’s going on at your hostel and identify what needs your attention.

More Opportunities to Sell

With Cloudbeds’ channel manager, your hostel is able to tap into more marketplaces across the globe. We connect to more than 300 distribution channels ranging from the largest online travel agencies to niche marketplaces specific to geographic locations or lifestyles.

Properties can directly connect to HI Hostel to manage their rates and reservations. Our seamless integration allows you to manage and sell your rooms in the most profitable way.

Cloudbeds’ booking engine allows you to accept direct bookings right on your website. The experience is seamless for both the guest and your property. No commission fees and no headaches, just more revenue streaming into your property.

Cheers to more reservations and happier guests.