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Highland Release Notes

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Posted by Cloudbeds
May 10, 2016

We’ve been hard at work improving our software based on your feedback. With this release, we introduce dozens of new fixes, changes, and improvements to make your life easier. Here they are in detail:

  • We removed image requirements from rate plans. You may now publish rate plans without images attached.
  • We improved the way the date selection tool works when used on mobile devices.
  • We moved the Print Headers section to the Property Profile page to improve property branding. Print Headers now apply to more documents generated by the software, including folios.
  • You may now print and export reports. See the new Print and Export buttons in the reports section.
  • We added the “auto checkout date extension” and “auto status change to no show” buttons to the “Language, Date, Time, and Currency” page. These options perform automatic guest management functions based on criteria–like extending a guest’s stay, or having a guest fail to check in. You can now control these variables on your own.
  • You can now restrict the number of guests imported on the “Bulk import reservations” page. This makes the “import reservations” view easier to use.
  • You may now export reservations in XML data format.
  • You may now filter activity logs by room type.
  • You may now manually add taxes and fees to reservations. We support manual taxes and fees for past, present, and future dates, applied to both house accounts and folios.
  • We now correctly deliver overbooking warnings to customers who try to place a courtesy hold or block a room when the property is already full.
  • You no longer get login error messages when trying to log into your account after accidentally adding spaces before or after your email address. This will improve the experience for customers, especially those who store user-names and passwords, and paste them into the login screen.
  • You no longer need to scroll through past dates to find unassigned guests who have a past check-in date and a future check-out date. They are now listed at the top, making reassignment much easier.
  • Mybookings now correctly passes direct payments through myallocator.
  • We now correctly translate country names into your desired language. For example, “The United States” now correctly reads as “Estados Unidos” if your language is set to Portuguese.
  • We updated police reports to allow your choice between country code or country name, when generating a report. These reports also now support the following text generation options: ALL UPPERCASE, all lowercase, and First Letter Capital Only.
  • You now receive email notifications when you receive a reservation that is not correctly mapped to a room on your property, due to a misconfiguration. We notify you when further action is required of you, and we provide resources for your next steps.
  • You can now restrict the voiding of credit card transactions only to users who have been granted access to the “Modify / Void Transactions” permission level.
  • We now support the following payment gateways:
    • Worldpay Corporate
    • Worldpay US
    • Federated Payments
    • Federated Payments Canada
    • PayTrace
    • Paymill
    • IATS Payments
    • Six Payment Services (3CWeb2Pay)
    • Merchant e-Solutions
    • Merchant Link TV2G Payment Gateway
  • We reorganized reports to make them easier to use and understand.
    • You will now find Account Balances, Cashier Reports, Arrivals, Departures, In-House, No-Shows, and Cancellations in the “Daily Activity Reports” category.
    • You will now find Reservations by Rate Plan and Reservations by Country in the Production Reports category.
  • You may now choose to require a CVV code when guests pay with credit cards. You can turn this requirement on or off from the mybookings settings page. By default, it is set to REQUIRED.
  • We improved the way information is conveyed on the Payment Ledger. Negative numbers are now colored red and in parentheses.
  • We added multi-lingual instructions on how to complete bank transfers. These will appear to guests in the language you choose when you turn on bank payments as a supported form of payment in the Payment Options page.

Do you have any feedback? Head on over to the help desk and let us know.


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