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July Updates

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Posted by Cloudbeds
July 15, 2015

Our talented team works hard behind the scenes to improve our software and add more integrations each month.

Here’s what we pushed live in July:


  • Mobile-responsive: Your mybookings commission-free booking engine now uses a completely responsive layout that adapts to all screen sizes. It looks great on tablets and handheld devices. Information is reorganized for easier reading on small screens. Buttons are larger for touch-screen use.

This is a huge update, and is extremely important. According to a 2014 study, only 45% of hotels accepted mobile online bookings. Experts predict that 38% of ALL online bookings will be made from mobile devices by 2018. This means that every day you do not accept mobile bookings from your website, you’re losing up to 38% of your possible direct reservations.

We at Cloudbeds want to make sure that our customers are set up to achieve their greatest ambitions. Now that mybookings is mobile optimized, we’re confident that your direct reservations will only increase over time.

  • Extended localization: You can translate your booking engine into multiple languages. Choose one language to be your default language. Then, add localized copy to your booking engine for all other languages you have enabled. When no translated text exists, the system shows copy from your default language. You can provide translated copy for many sections of your booking engine, including the following:
    • Property Description
    • Room Descriptions
    • Terms and Conditions
    • Cancellation Policy (if custom)
    • What’s included in packages
    • Package policies


  • accordionShow / Hide all rooms on calendar: We added an accordion to expand or collapse the list of rooms under each room type on calendar. This makes the calendar cleaner and easier to use, while retaining all of your property’s rich information.
  • Warning of unsaved changes: We added a pop-up warning to setup pages to avoid navigating out and losing changes.
  • Currency format: You can now choose a currency format from the preferences page. The following formats will be available to choose from: 1000.00 / 1000,00 / 1.000,00 / 1,000.00 / 1 000,00 / 1 000.00.
  • Time zone on activity log: We updated the activity log to show the time zone of your property, instead of UTC.
  • New User Interface: We updated the user interface across the entire myfrontdesk application. See below for details of the new views:

New Reservation / New Third Party Reservations: We saved space by merging these buttons into one.


Save Button: The save button is now fixed at bottom of each page, appearing whenever a change is made.


New Filter Styles: Checkout the new options we have provided to filter information. We feel this is a huge improvement, and will make managing your property that much easier.


Dashboard – New style: We revamped the look and feel of the dashboard to be modern, flat, clean, and easy to use. See the new dashboard below, or log into your account and explore the new design!


Customer Information – New style: We revamped the guest information section to put more information about your guests right at your fingertips.


Checkboxes, Radio Buttons, Form Fields – New Style: We overhauled the basic parts of our user interface, from buttons to drop-downs. They are now larger, clearer, with greater contrast.



  • Minor fixes and improvements.

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