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September Updates: Dragoon

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Posted by Cloudbeds
September 29, 2015

Introducing Dragoon — Cloudbed’s September update for myfrontdesk and mybookings. Our team works hard around the clock to constantly improve our software. Here is what we’ve accomplished this month:


Invoicing allows the customer to generate and download a PDF document with all the guest details and transactions. Accounts that have this feature enabled will see a new section called “Setup Invoicing” under Settings Menu, and an “Invoices” section will appear on the reservation page.

Note: This is the first version of invoicing. A lot more improvements coming soon!

See how to setup invoices and download them: http://cloudbeds.clarify-it.com/d/v49nr7

Allows the property more flexibility when listing the payment options they accept. Previously, preset (and mandatory) payment methods were direct bill, pay at location, debit card, etc. Now it is possible to disable these and add new, custom payment options, such as Amazon Direct Payment, or Expedia Collect.

This feature requires a few settings to be performed by our customer service team. 

A dot has been added to all the reservations which still have a balance due. This allows the user to easily tell whether a payment is still required before checking in/out a reservation.


By default, myfrontdesk does not allow users to post an adjustment to a transaction or an item for a past date. This is to help hoteliers avoid fraud and misuse, not to mention maintain correct logs and reporting.

However, some advanced users understand these risks and would like to be able to make this kind of changes. If you’re one of them, please contact us to enable it.

A column showing the revenue for the day/week/month has been added to the table view of the Average Daily Rate, Revenue per available room, and occupancy reports.


For accounts with Availability Matrix enabled, now it’s possible to export the table to a MS Excel file. Upon clicking the Export button, the user will be able to select the start date of the exported file, as well as how many days to export: 7, 15, 30, 90, 180, 365.

The options to select 90, 180 and 365 have also been added to the normal view of the availability matrix.


To better get a snapshot of each day, the rate has been added for each room type and rate plan, to allow the property to easily compare the availability to their rates across a long interval.


The hotelier is now be able to translate all descriptive content into each language available on the booking page. Previously, translations were available only for descriptions, now it’s available for room names, and everything else that displays on the booking page.

Leaving the language empty will display the text in the account’s default language.


Whenever a derived rate plan is created for a lower rate than the base rate, the base rate will appear crossed out to indicate that there is a discount applied.


Payment processing is now available to the accounts that use mybookings as a channel within myallocator. Properties need to have a payment gateway, from one of the supported service providers.

It enabled 3 options for payment processing:

  1. Pass the credit card information only
  2. Authorize the credit card and put a hold on the amount of the deposit (requires processing the payment at a later time from within mybookings)
  3. Process the card for amount of deposit

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