cloudbeds PIE: hotel revenue management solution

An Easy-to-Use Revenue Management Tool Built For Independent Property Owners and Managers.

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Cloudbeds Revenue Management Solution

Effortlessly gather market data in real-time to make better pricing and distribution decisions.

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Yield More Revenue

Our Pricing Intelligence Engine (PIE) accesses real-time industry data to keep you informed when an important market change is about to happen. Unveil local market information and uncover new revenue opportunities. Increase the effectiveness of your yield management strategy.

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Tackle Every Opportunity

You can’t watch every distribution channel or competitor all day long, so our Pricing Intelligence Engine does it for you. Create alerts that allow you to track your competitors’ movement in the market. Know when competitors’ prices and occupancy change to find that can yield more revenue per reservation.

Cloudbeds PIE

All-In-One Insights Dashboard

Your time is limited and only the most crucial tasks deserve your attention. A single dashboard provides you with crucial information related to pace, pickup, and occupancy year-over-year.

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Automate to Win

Our Pricing Intelligence Engine has the ability to automate and execute your preset rules and triggers to maximize your revenue. With revenue managers in mind, our tool was designed to offer more flexibility and control to help you beat your competition.
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I love PIE! It is built right into Cloudbeds so it’s easy to keep track of my competitors.

– Priscilla Ulloa Cisternas, Operations Manager at Matildas Boutique Hotel

It’s your PIE. Take a slice.

Sistema de Revenue Management Hotelero Cloudbeds

Compare Rates with Competitors

Use PIE to compare rates and build rules to adjust your rates based on a wide range of criteria, including your competitors’ activity.
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Do less busy work

PIE allows you to create powerful rules that alert you when you’ve met certain thresholds or your competitors change their prices. Spend less time waiting and searching.
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Stay organized and know what’s coming

With PIE, you see how your rates and rules are interacting in real-time. You’ll never miss an important rate change that could secure you another booking.

The automatic price updates using the price intelligence system is game-changing in that no other systems implement it so effectively.

– Edward Kennedy, Revenue Manager at Triple C Hotels and Resorts

Cloudbeds Revenue System - PIE

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