Indie Release Notes – June 2016

By Cloudbeds, junho 8, 2016

Hello Cloudbeds customers, we’ve just released our latest product update called Indie. Every month we release updates to our products based on feedback from our customers. If you have any questions about these updates, please file a support ticket on our helpdesk.

System Updates

1. Taxes and Fees Combined

On the taxes page, the taxes and fees sections have been merged into one. Now you can manage taxes and fees in the same section. When you go to add a tax or fee, the system will prompt you to designate whether the cost is a tax or fee.

If you select tax, another question, “Will this tax be charged on top of any fees?” will appear and you can select yes or no.

2. Inclusive vs. Exclusive Taxes

You are now able to designate whether a tax or fee is inclusive or exclusive of the advertised price. Both an inclusive and exclusive taxes can be set up.

Tax inclusive example:

If you enter a rate of $100 and set up a tax of 10%, the guest will pay $100 because all taxes and fees are included in the rate. They will see on their booking summary that 10% of the $100 they paid was tax.


Room Rate set: $100

Tax: 10%


Room Rate: $90.91

Tax: $9.09

Total: $100

Tax exclusive example:

If you enter a rate of $100 and set up a tax of 10%. The guest will pay $110. This is because all taxes and fees are not included in the rates you have entered. Your 10% tax has been added to the rate.


Room Rate set: $100

Tax: 10%


Room Rate: $100

Tax: $10

Total: $110

3. Finnish Language Support

Hyviä uutisia! Finnish language has been added to the booking engine. The guest can now view mybookings in this language. The property can likewise add translations for the custom content in Finnish.

We come out with new releases every month. Have a question? Check out our helpdesk where you can search for answers and file a ticket with our support team.


Team Cloudbeds


About Cloudbeds

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