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You can bring Cloudbeds to your customers through the Cloudbeds Reseller Program

What is the Cloudbeds Reseller Program?

We need your help getting Cloudbeds out to all the independent hotels around the world. Our mission is to bring the major functions of a hotel from the front desk to the office into one simple online application that is accessible from anywhere in the world. Cloudbeds helps increase the revenue of hotels while making the lives of hoteliers easier so they can get back to focusing on their guests.

Cloudbeds aims to create the greatest experience possible for its hoteliers. We resize that working with regional partners can be best way to acomplish this. Our resellers can leverage our technology while maintaining a local presence in their market, giving our customers, your customers, a familiar face.

What’s in it for me?

Cloudbeds can help you get customers and can help your customers make more money with their hotels.

You can set up your own services around Cloudbeds.

We give you 50% of a one-time setup fee (charged when one of your customers signs up), and a recurring fee of 15% of the Cloudbeds monthly subsription for a period of 2 years.

Our top resellers make 20% on the Cloudbeds subscription for a period of 4 years.


Hotel “Example Suites” (120 rooms) signs up to Cloudbeds through a Cloudbeds reseller. Hotel pays a $250 setup fee. At the end of the first month, “Example Suites” pays the first monthly subsription at $5 per room.


120 rooms x $5 = $600. That’s the monthly subscription fee.


You will then get $90 at the end of the first month for a period of 24 months. You will also get a payment of $125 on the third month, when the setup fee is collected , in addition to the $90 subscription fee.

Do this for 10 customers and you could make $1200 extra per year.

Ok, what’s the catch?

There is no ‘catch’. You will be:

  • Contacting hotels in your network and getting them interesed in Cloudbeds.
  • Scheduling and conducting demos with interested hotels.
  • Circling back with hotels and making sure they are ready to sign up with Cloudbeds
  • Helping to finalize the ageement between the hotel and Cloudbeds.
  • Supporting the account implementation process and making sure hotel managers and employees of the hotel report for Cloudbeds training.
  • Checking in with your customers to make sure they’re getting the most from Cloudbeds.
We have a couple rules:
  1. You cannot sell other PMSs. Booking Engines, or channel managers if you’re selling Cloudbeds
  2. Your hotels pay Cloudbeds directly
  3. You cannot charge less or more then the Cloudbeds advertised price on our website.

Do I get some support from Cloudbeds?

Yes! We will provide you with:

  • Online (live) training sessions on the system.
  • A PDF guide for training and support
  • A sales one-pager that you can send to potential customers
  • Sales-focused training to help you sell
  • Technical customer support questions will be handled by our team
  • We will provide you a company directory for easy access to common questions and answers

I like it. How do I apply?

Click Here to Become a Reseller

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