We’ve teamed up with Cloudbeds to offer you myallocator–the industry’s leading channel manager. Myallocator connects properties to hundreds of marketing channels, opening doors to thousands of new guests. Set up your channels once, and let myallocator do the rest. It’s really that easy.

With myallocator you can:

  • Set rates and availability on all major channels
  • Connect to hundreds of niche channels, opening your doors to new guests
  • Save time while improving efficiency and reducing overbookings

Find new guests in niche marketplaces you never knew existed.

All the Channels You Need

Use myallocator by Cloudbeds to push your room inventory to hundreds of online marketing channels used around the world. It has more connections than any other channel manager. Open your property to new markets you might not have known existed. From large OTAs to niche directories, myallocator supports all the channels you need.


Complete, Real-Time Integration

Myallocator provides two-way integration between your property management system and online markets. When guests book rooms from your website, it pushes your updated availability to online travel agencies. When they book rooms with Expedia, it updates your available inventory on your PMS and booking engine.

Myallocator keeps everything up-to-date in real-time. Say goodbye to unnecessary overbookings.

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(A Private Room is a standard room in a hotel or b&b that holds a family, a couple, or an individual. Hostels also may have a number of private rooms that can be booked.)

How many dormitory beds do you have?

(a dormitory bed is literally a bed typically found at a hostel.A bed is booked by a single individual in a dormitory)
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