Stronger Together: How Cloudbeds and our customers can help support
people in Ukraine

Editor’s Note: This is an evolving situation and we will update this blog post with new information when we can. 

We are stunned and saddened by the events unfolding in Ukraine this past week. Cloudbeds is a global company with employees in more than 40 countries, and Ukraine has long had a special place in our hearts. Some of our earliest team members – our founding team so to speak – included Ukrainians, and they have been with us ever since.

Our Ukrainian colleagues have helped build the Cloudbeds platform, created the training that enables you use our products, and answered your support calls, among many other things. Ukrainians are an integral part of our company’s history and its future.

That’s why we cannot stay silent on this war in Ukraine. Our team members' safety and security are our highest priority, and it is our responsibility as a global company to support them and speak out on their behalf. We’re currently supporting our Ukrainian team members and their immediate families by providing funds for hotel accommodations and food in case of relocation, guaranteed job security and continued payroll, back up communication channels, and mental health support through our preferred partners and internal Cloudbeds support network. Also, after serious internal discussion, we will indefinitely suspend all operations and services in Russia and with Russian-based companies in show of solidarity for our Ukrainian teammates and in respect to the international sanctions against Russia.

If you’d like to show your support and solidarity with Ukraine, we’ve researched organizations that would benefit from your donations. We feel confident making these recommendations while acknowledging this is not a comprehensive list. These nonprofit organizations are already making a difference by quickly mobilizing to confront the crisis:

Unicef USA: Children in Crossfire of Ukraine Crisis;

Sunflower of Peace Foundation, a US-based nonprofit founded after the 2014 conflict;

National Bank of Ukraine, supporting Ukrainian Armed Forces;

ICRC International Committee of the Red Cross for Ukraine, Ukraine Crisis fund.

Doctors without Borders, currently mobilizing emergency preparedness.

Nova Poshta Global, delivering humanitarian goods across Ukraine and abroad

As a tech company in the hospitality space, our nonprofit activities have always focused on guiding those in need to where they can find open beds. There have been several initiatives launched by companies and organizations in this space, including the following:

Hospitality for Ukraine, which is compiling a directory of available beds to house refugees and displaced individuals;

Every Bed Helps, an initiative by the Alliance of German Serviced Apartments; 

Help Ukraine, an initiative by to help fund short-term housing for people fleeing Ukraine;

#HospitalityHelps, an initiative to connect refugees with available rooms in key European cities near Ukraine.

Ukraine and in neighboring countries: The UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR)  and the Red Cross work closely with local organizations to coordinate support efforts across local organizations .

Poland: The Polish Center for International Aid

Czech Republic: People in Need

Slovakia: Charita Slovakia

Hungary: HIA Hungary

Romania: Romanian National Council for Refugees

We urge lodging and accommodation providers everywhere to register and open their doors where they can. There is much we can do to leverage the power of our industry in this crisis. As our CEO Adam Harris has said, “Throughout the last few days I’ve seen powerful images of solidarity and bravery coming out of Ukraine. They give me hope. The circumstances there would spark fear, terror, and hopelessness in most rational people. And yet, every moment I’m seeing new photos that tell a different story: one of strength and courage.”

Lastly, sometimes a simple act of solidarity can go a long way in sending a message. We’ve created these images that you can use as a Zoom background or LinkedIn banner to voice your support.

Thank you for being part of our community. We’re stronger together.

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