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La guía definitiva al revenue management hotelero

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What if we told you there was a relatively simple way to increase your top-line revenue by 20-30%?

Believe it or not, only a very small percentage of hospitality operators use revenue management strategies and are potentially robbing themselves of their revenue potential.

In this eBook, we uncover revenue management strategies designed to help operators realize optimal revenues and gross operating profit for capacity-constrained and perishable assets (rooms, in our case).

We cover 6 revenue management strategies, including:

  • Practicing dynamic pricing 
  • Setting stay restrictions 
  • Managing booking channels 
  • Overselling 
  • Managing groups & corporate business 
  • Using revenue management technology 

Download the free eBook now, and learn more about how you can maximize revenue and occupancy with Cloudbeds’ Pricing Intelligence Engine. 

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