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We introduced Cloudtalks to bring hosts and hoteliers together to create a trusted platform to learn and exchange. The focus is on sharing local expertise, know-how, best practices, and resources that every host and hotelier can use to make informed decisions about their businesses ⁠— today and in the months ahead.

CloudTalks Special – OTAs, Metasearch and the Future of Distribution. Here’s How Your Property Can Benefit.

CloudTalks Special – A New Payments Reality for Hospitality

CloudTalks Special – Demystifying Google Hotel Search

CloudTalks Special Edition: Demystifying Payments

CloudTalks UK: Rising Above Challenges to Keep Your Hospitality Business Running

CloudTalks Thailand: How’s The Hospitality Industry Evolving?

CloudTalks Special: Keeping things clean and safe

CloudTalks U.S.

CloudTalks Special Edition: Vacation Rentals vs Hotels: Who is going to come out stronger after COVID-19?

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