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Optimizing your pricing is now as easy as PIE
Cloudbeds' Pricing Intelligence Engine (PIE) empowers you to keep pricing competitive with real-time market data and automated pricing alerts.

List the perfect price at the right time – every time.

Properties that utilize the Cloudbeds Price Intelligence Engine (PIE) successfully attain their desired online price positioning 44% more often compared to their market rivals.

Never miss out on revenue

If you only update your pricing on special dates, you’re potentially losing thousands in revenue. With PIE, you will never overlook an important rate change that could secure an additional booking.

Keep your pricing competitive 24/7

PIE will automatically send you pricing alerts based on preset rules created by you, allowing your property to maintain competitive, optimal pricing 24/7 and boost your bottom line.

Take full control of your pricing strategy

PIE provides the perfect mix of automation and hands-on control over your occupancy rules and room rates. Automate your pricing or take manual control – the choice is yours.

Take the work out of tracking competitor rate changes.

PIE simplifies the task of monitoring rate fluctuations. Keep tabs on up to 15 competitors and receive a daily update of your market trends for the upcoming 90 days.

Track your competitors

Create a hand-picked set of competitors and PIE will alert you when their prices change to ensure your property’s price point is always positioned perfectly within your market segmentation.

Effortlessly gather market data

You can’t watch every distribution channel, OTA, or competitor all day long – but PIE can. Our revenue management software makes it easy to gather market data so you can increase revenue.

All-in-one insights dashboard

Make smarter pricing decisions and drive higher RevPAR using the PIE overview page to get insights of your property's performance against historical data, including pace, pickup, and occupancy year-over-year.

Customize and refine your dynamic pricing strategy.

Fully control your pricing strategy with custom rules and alerts set to monitor your daily occupancy levels and competitors' pricing to ensure that you attract the right customer at the right time and the right price.

Simplified pricing decisions

PIE does not require a background in revenue management or a team to operate. Its simple rule-based system allows you to maintain control of your rates while helping you increase your bottom line.

Seamless integration

Our pricing intelligence tool is built into the Cloudbeds platform for a seamless experience across your property management system (PMS), booking engine, channel manager, and more.

Plan for seasonality

Easily spot high occupancy periods and track upcoming events to better plan your staffing needs. Use real-time data to determine market demand for more informed decision-making.

No matter your revenue management needs, we have you covered.

If you’re in need of additional revenue management tools, Cloudbeds RMS partners have you covered with features like algorithm-driven automation, forecasting, business mix management, total revenue management, and more. Explore the Cloudbeds marketplace of RMS partners.

AI automation

Harness the potential of advanced AI driven by intent data, machine learning, historical data, and real-time market insights. This empowers you to make smarter decisions with minimal effort and maximum informed guidance.

Extensive reporting

Create a robust revenue management strategy with extensive reporting that allows you to build your own reports, slice your own data, prepare your budget, and accurately forecast future demand and revenue.

Total Revenue Management

By conducting “what if” scenario planning, you gain comprehensive insights into your ideal business mix and unlock fully informed pricing recommendations that consider all revenue opportunities beyond just room rates.
The automatic price updates using the price intelligence system is game-changing in that no other systems implement it so effectively.
- Edward Kennedy, E-Commerce and Revenue Manager at Triple C Hotels and Resorts

Maximize RevPAR with Cloudbeds
dynamic hotel revenue management solution

Experience effective rate management & reporting

Bringing yield management and dynamic pricing to independents of all sizes, PIE’s easy to use interface and rules engine provides every property a competitive advantage.
Easily manage rates with a calendar view
Efficiently monitor your compset with a rate shopper
Keep track of metrics and results with PIE’s reporting suite
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Set customizable rules and automated alerts

PIE allows you to adjust and control your rate strategy with customizable rules, alerts, and automation based on your compset, occupancy, and stay restrictions.
Compset-based alerts keep you aware of algorithm shifts in pricing
Occupancy-based rules adjust rates according to your occupancy
Restriction-based rules modify stay restrictions to open up your inventory

Build a revenue-generating pricing strategy

PIE has no complicated algorithms or extended setup time. The system allows you to create rules, alerts, and automation around hospitality best practices. PIE has safeguards in place to ensure your rates stay at the optimal level.
Enjoy a fully integrated system with no external data connections
A simple rules and alerts system makes it easy to learn and set up
Manage your revenue with confidence within safeguards and price limits
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Real reviews from lodging businesses like yours

"I absolutely love being able to set occupancy rules and not have to think about it. PIE just goes out and it takes care of it."
Courtney Driessen
Lodging and Revenue Manager at Fireside Resort Jackson Hole
"With the help of Cloudbeds' Pricing Intelligence Engine (PIE), we've made an additional $60K CAD in 6 months."
Scott Walcott
Owner of Walcott Hospitality
"We automate a lot of our pricing with PIE, and it has allowed us a lot more time to spend training staff since it’s doing part of our job automatically."
Bernardo Thierstein
General Manager at The ZERO Box Lodge Porto
"I don't have to check five different systems because Cloudbeds is my booking engine, website, channel manager, PMS, and revenue management tool."
Marco Leibundgut
Co-owner and Host at Bogentrakt
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The ultimate guide to revenue management

What if we told you there was a relatively simple way to increase your top-line revenue by 20-30% Uncover strategies designed to help you achieve optimal revenue and profitability.

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What is a revenue management system in a hotel?

A revenue management system is a comprehensive tool designed to help a hotel business manage various revenue tasks, including data management, pricing, inventory, and reporting. It uses a rules-based or analytics-based pricing algorithm that factors in internal and external data to recommend or update pricing and stay restrictions. Many modern revenue management systems are cloud-based and integrated with your property’s PMS, channel manager, and booking engine.

Why is revenue management important in the hotel industry?

Whether you run a hotel, B&B, hostel, or other property type, revenue management can greatly contribute to your business's profitability. Large hotel chains have been utilizing revenue management tactics for decades, but revenue management is growing among smaller and independent properties as hotel technology advances and revenue management tools become more accessible and practical, even when the property doesn’t have the budget to hire a dedicated revenue manager. Revenue management also helps keep the prices for hotel rooms competitive in the market and helps hoteliers accurately report and track key metrics like ADR, RevPAR, TRevPAR, and GOPAR.

What is the difference between a yield management and a revenue management system?

The main difference between yield management and revenue management in the hospitality industry is that yield management has a narrower focus and is generally regarded as the process of maximizing a hotel’s revenue through hotel pricing and inventory controls. Revenue management is a broader term that also encompasses market segmentation, forecasting, and more in-depth demand data analysis. An advanced revenue management strategy goes even further, factoring total revenue, costs, and profits into revenue decisions.

For hotel owners and operators who are new to hotel revenue management or have limited time, yield management is the place to focus efforts. For example, hoteliers can focus on building stronger revenue streams by using a revenue management tool and focusing on setting dynamic room prices that fluctuate based on market demand or occupancy rate, plus offering upsells. Once you master the basics, you can look at expanding your skillset.

What is the difference between a central reservation system (CRS) and a revenue management system (RMS)?

A hotel reservation system is used to manage room inventory, rates, and bookings (for example, available rooms, room types, etc.). Also called a central reservations system (CRS), it may be housed within the hotel’s property management system (PMS) or may be standalone software connected to the PMS. The CRS acts as the central hub of the reservation ecosystem, which may also include a website booking engine, channel manager, and revenue management system. When integrated, these modules work together to help hotels manage room availability, distribution, reservations, and revenue.

A revenue management system will pull data from the CRS, such as room inventory availability and occupancy, to help set your ideal pricing. While the CRS and RMS are two separate systems, they work together and the RMS depends on data bases in the CRS.

Which RMS systems are Cloudbeds integration partners?

In addition to PIE, our built-in revenue management solution, Cloudbeds has significantly expanded its revenue management offering through new partnerships with leading industry innovators. The partnerships allow customers to experience the depth of functionality from top RMS software systems, all integrated directly with the Cloudbeds platform.

Cloudbeds’ current RMS partner providers include: Atomize, PricePoint, PriceLabs, Beyond, FLYR, LifeHouse, TurboSuite and RoomPriceGenie, with the following partners coming soon: IDeaS, BEONx, and Duetto.
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