Maximize revenue and occupancy with Cloudbeds revenue management system

Optimize pricing and outperform competitors with Cloudbeds' Pricing Intelligence Engine (PIE). Adjust and control your rate strategy with customizable rules and automation.

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Cloudbeds revenue management system - Pie
Properties using PIE achieve their ideal price position online 44% more of the time than their competitors
Cloudbeds customer

The automatic price updates using the price intelligence system is game-changing in that no other systems implement it so effectively.

Edward Kennedy, E-Commerce and Revenue Manager at Triple C Hotels and Resorts

List the perfect price at the right
time – every time.

Never lose out on revenue
If you’re only updating your pricing on special dates, you’re losing out on thousands in revenue. With PIE, you’ll never miss an important rate change that could secure you another booking.
Fully control your pricing strategy
PIE provides the perfect mix of automation and hands-on control over your occupancy rules and room rates. Automate your pricing or take manual control – the choice is yours.
Keep your pricing competitive 24/7
PIE will automatically send you pricing alerts based on preset rules created by you, allowing your property to maintain competitive, optimal pricing 24/7, while increasing your bottom line.
hotel revenue management system
hotel rate management solution

Stay ahead of the competition

Track your competitors
Create a hand-picked set of competitors and PIE will track and alert you when their prices change to ensure your property’s price point is always positioned perfectly within your market segmentation.
Effortlessly gather market data
You can’t watch every distribution channel, OTA, or competitor all day long, but PIE can. Our revenue management software makes it easy to gather market data so you can increase revenue.
All-in-one insights dashboard
Make smarter pricing decisions using the PIE overview page to get insights of your property's performance against historical data, including pace, pickup, and occupancy year-over-year.

Managing your revenue is now as easy as PIE

The PIE revenue management system (RMS) makes it easy to gather market data, make better pricing decisions, and automate tasks to maximize yield. PIE is designed to empower independent hotels to achieve price optimization and decision-making confidence backed by real-time data.
Easy to use
PIE was created by revenue managers and hoteliers to give you the confidence to engage in dynamic pricing, no matter the size of your team. It’s simple, accurate, and intuitive for anyone.
Simplified pricing decisions
Using automations and competitive intelligence in a customizable platform, PIE revenue management software helps you make decisions quickly and effectively.
Seamlessly integrated into the Cloudbeds Hospitality Platform
Our pricing intelligence tool is built into the Seamlessly integrated into the Cloudbeds Hospitality Platform for a seamless experience across your property management system PMS, booking engine, channel manager, and more. No outside data connectivity needed.
cloudbeds customer quote

I absolutely love being able to set occupancy rules and not have to think about it. PIE just goes out and it takes care of it.

Courtney Driessen, Lodging and Revenue Manager at Fireside Resort Jackson Hole
Cloudbeds revenue management system logo
Drive more revenue with Cloudbeds’
powerful revenue management software.

Intuitive hotel revenue management solution

Cloudbeds hotel software and yield management system is revolutionizing dynamic pricing for independent lodging providers in the hospitality industry. Revenue management is no longer only for hotel chains. Now independent properties of all types and sizes can participate in dynamic pricing and earn more revenue.

Dashboard overview

The PIE overview page gives you a snapshot of what’s happening at your property compared to previous periods so you can measure hotel industry KPIs, including Occupancy, RevPar (Revenue Per Available Room), Room Nights Sold, ADR (Average Daily Rate), Rules & Alerts, Booking Sources, Cancellations, and Occupancy Alerts. Staying on top of your revenue management strategy is made easier with this key feature that allows you to review metrics throughout the day. revenue management software

Rate manager

The rate manager displays a combined calendar view that shows occupancy and rates with detailed information that includes events, competitor sets, and your rules and alerts by room type. It allows you to easily see your current occupancy, update rates, set price differentials derived from base room type and manage the rules or alerts triggered. Ditch the spreadsheets and guesswork so you never lose out on hotel room revenue again. hotel rate management tool

Rate shopper

This feature allows you to compare your property’s rates across various channels and by room type to those in your compsets (your selected lists of local competitors). It shows the property's rates and occupancy as well as market data (compset rates and how competitors’ rates have increased or decreased since yesterday) in a detailed view, which can be sorted by competitors' lowest/highest price or by selected accommodations, also showing competitors’ average. Choose from a graphical view or a table view. hotel rate shopper tool
hotel rate hotel rates hotel rate plans

Rules & alerts

You can set automatic Rules - meaning that PIE will update your rates without you needing to approve every single change, or you can set alerts that require approval - meaning that PIE will not automatically change your rates and pricing until you have seen pricing recommendations and agree to proceed with the change.
The three main rules/alerts include:
Compset-based alert
Receive an alert anytime there is an algorithm shift in pricing that you want to be informed about (e.g. I would like to be alerted every time my compset pricing goes up by 10%).
Occupancy-based rules
Adjust your rates in accordance with your occupancy (e.g. increase my rates when my occupancy rises).
hotel booking calendar
Restriction-based rule
When you have a restriction that stops you from receiving new reservations (e.g. minimum length of stay, closed to arrival, closed to departure) PIE automatically adjusts this restriction to make sure your inventory can be sold.
Increase your revenue with Cloudbeds Hospitality Platform

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