Why Hostels are No Longer the Little Guys – Free eBook

The playing field has been leveled for most property owners, and hostels are reaping the benefits. Technological innovation allows for […]

Hospitality Industry Trends You Need to Know in 2016

In early 2016, Cloudbeds predicted the most influential trends of 2016. Now that we’re six months into the year, we’ve […]

The 5 Stages of Booking Travel

There are five stages that guests go through when booking travel–the dreaming stage, planning stage, booking stage, experiencing stage, and […]

Navigating Facebook for Hotels – Free eBook

Facebook is the social media powerhouse that cannot be stopped. Over the past 12 years, Facebook has proved that they […]

How to Manage Your Property’s Online Reputation

Anyone with fingers and a keyboard can leave a review about your property–even if they never visited. This has produced […]

Crafting Company Culture for Your Property

A positive culture at your business makes happier employees. Learn the hallmarks of a positive company culture for accommodation properties.

Revenue Management: How to Act Big When You’re Small

Revenue management is an essential part of running a hospitality business. But it can be confusing and frustrating for small […]

A WordPress Guide for Hotels & Inns

The world’s favorite website engine is WordPress. But hospitality brands have specific needs. Can WordPress fit the bill? This webinar […]

How to Use Pinterest for Your Hotel

In this ebook, we will go over the basics of Pinterest, and establish a winning strategy for marketing your property […]

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