Meet the Cloudbeds Team

We’re engineers, designers, hostel owners, hotel managers, big data experts, and avid travelers in over 40 countries who speak 30+ languages. We pride ourselves on being a diverse group of individuals who value different cultures, ideas, and walks of life.

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Adam Harris

Chief Executive Officer

Richard Castle

President and Chief Operating Officer

Rafael Blanes

VP of Sales

Nathan Helenihi

VP of Engineering

Danielle Brescia

Director of People Operations

Kateryna Nalbadian

Director of Customer Service

Colin Slade

VP of Customer Success

Sarah Brubaker

Director of Marketing

Jason Richards

Director of Sales | Operations

Andrew Sims

Director of Sales Operations - USA

Andre Sovgir

Director of Product

Tony Vardiman

Director of Operations

Kevin Bee

Senior Director of Finance

Chad Brubaker

Director of Product

Marco Fonseca

Vice President of Operations | Brazil

Marshall Knauf

Director of Integrations & Business Intelligence

Sebastien Leitner

VP of Partnerships

Rich Sanderson

Design Director

Mark Bloomquist

Director of Sales

Noah Jaehnert

Director of Security

Marco Rosso

Director of Sales | Expansion

Dustin Pence

Director of Customer Success

Phillip Cunningham

Corporate Development Director

Gina McKee

Strategic Sales Director

Elias Vafiadis

Director of Engineering

Benjamin Mouw

Director of Integrations

Eric Ellis

Design Director - UI/UX


Customer Success