Welcome to Cloudbeds

You’ll be joining tens of thousands of properties that use Cloudbeds every day. We’ve been through the implementation process more than a few times and we know that every implementation is unique. That’s why we pair you with one of our friendly coaches who will work with you to make sure you are successful. Here’s what you can expect in the next few weeks.



Setup your Cloudbeds Application

Login to your Cloudbeds account and a setup wizard will guide you through the basics of the setup process. Here you’ll enter your property name, tell us how many rooms you have, and add your rates. You will also need to import/add existing and future reservations.
Step 1 typically takes a few days. But, timing really depends on the number of properties, rooms, and existing reservations. Pro tip: use our awesome training videos to train your staff.



Review with your Cloudbeds Coach

You can schedule a review with your coach from within the setup wizard. Your coach will walk you through the application to review your settings, answer any questions, and verify that future reservations are added correctly.
You can choose to do the review via email or a video call (on average around 45 minutes). If all of your information has been added correctly, this will help expedite the implementation!



Connect Your Channels

After initial setup, your coach will share the connection instructions for each OTA, work with you to activate channel connections, and review your room mapping.

On average OTAs approve the connection 24 hours after the connection has been requested. Some OTAs can take up to one week to authorize the connection.

Step 4: Your implementation is now complete!

Your coach will make sure that your property is accepting reservations, your booking engine is added to your site, and you have connected to your OTAs.

We recommend reviewing our staff training videos with your staff to make sure you take advantage of all of Cloudbeds’ amazing features.


What is the timeline for the implementation process?

Most of our properties are fully implemented within 2-3 weeks. The speed of the implementation primarily depends on how quickly you can enter all of the required property information including rooms, rates, taxes and future reservations (for correct availability). In some cases, properties have gone live in 3-4 days.

If I have further questions, where can I find additional information?

We have over 1500 articles and videos in our knowledgebase at https://myfrontdesk.cloudbeds.com/hc/en-us We also have an awesome Customer Coaches Team ready to answer every question you have. Email: support@cloudbeds.com In the application every page has a help section which provides specific training and resources for that page.

How long after we start connecting the OTAs is the process completed?

After you start the connection process, the OTAs take around 24 hours but some OTAs can take up to one week to authorize.

When will I be charged for my Cloudbeds’ accounts?

You will be charged for your Cloudbeds account immediately after your trial, regardless of the status of the setup phase you are in.

What languages are supported?

We currently provide the application and support in 3 languages (English, Portuguese and Spanish).

Can anyone help me with my implementation?

We encourage you to primarily work with your implementation coach since they are the most knowledgeable about the application and your unique setup. Your dedicated coach is available Monday – Friday.

Can I go live on Friday or the weekend?

We strongly recommend that customers go live Monday – Thursday. Your Customer Coach will then be available to help answer any questions if an unexpected issue arises.

How do I import my future or past reservations?

We encourage you to primarily work with your Coach since they are most knowledgeable about the application and your unique setup.

Need more help? Contact us 24/7 by email at support@cloudbeds.com or visit our help center with more than 1,500 articles and videos.