Drive direct bookings.

Cloudbeds’ booking engine makes your website the best place for guests to book, while saving you money. Get more direct bookings and share less of your revenue with OTAs.

Rated #1 Booking Engine on Hotel Tech Report

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We saw a significant increase in direct bookings – nearly doubling – since switching to Cloudbeds.

- Ivan Drechsler, Owner of Tubac Country Inn

A Modern Booking Engine built to impress your guests

Cloudbeds’ booking engine is optimized for all devices – no matter where your guest is booking. Customize the look of your booking engine to match your branding, ensuring the experience is seamless. Plus, you can localize for your guests in +25 languages.
Cloudbeds Booking Engine - Channels

Confidence that everything is in sync

Cloudbeds’ online booking engine communicates in real time with Cloudbeds’ entire hospitality management suite. When guests book on an OTA, the booking engine immediately updates the property management system and channel manager. Keep all of your distribution channels up-to-date and in-sync.
Cloudbeds Booking Engine - Facebook

Enjoy Best-in-Class Booking Engine Features

Stay a step ahead of your competition with a booking engine that performs. You can leverage promo codes and promotional rate plans to increase online direct bookings. Plus, get access to advanced tracking with Google Analytics & Facebook Pixel.
  • Integrate with Google Analytics
  • Facebook Booking Engine
  • Promo codes and promotional rate plans
Cloudbeds Booking Engine - Payment platforms

Process payments instantly and securely

Receive reservations from your website 24/7 and securely process payment details. Choose from dozens of payment processors like Stripe, PayU and PayPal. The Cloudbeds booking engine integrates with dozens of payment gateways and makes processing electronic payments easier.
Cloudbeds Booking Engine - Rate Checker

Convert website visitors into bookings

Drive more direct bookings online by showing a rate parity checker on your booking engine. With the Cloudbeds’ Rate Comparison Widget, you can keep guests on your website. Guests are able to compare your direct rates to your rates on all your marketing channels and OTAs. This transparency gives guests confidence to book directly with you.

Increase your Upsell Revenue

Offer guests upsells on your website. With the Cloudbeds upsell tool, you can enhance your guests’ stays with add-ons like restaurant meals or activity packages. Maximize the revenue for every booking!

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What is a channel management?

Channel management is the process of actively managing the distribution of room inventory on channels, including online travel agencies. A channel manager enables operators and owners to synchronize availability and rates to reach guests worldwide and prevent overbookings.