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Government compliance for lodging businesses
Government compliance for lodging businesses

Frequently asked questions about
government compliance

Running a lodging property requires complying with different governmental and legal regulations. For owners and operators, it’s essential to have a good understanding of these requirements and create practices and standard operating procedures that not only ensure that all regulatory standards are met but also minimize the risk of errors or penalties. 

In this guide, we answer frequently asked questions about governmental compliance and provide information about specific requirements for different countries. 


What is e-invoicing?

E-invoicing, short for electronic invoicing, is a form of billing that implies the exchange of an electronic invoice document between a supplier and buyer that has been issued, transmitted, and received following a specified standardized format. Compared to traditional paper invoicing, eInvoices only contain the data in a structured form, without a visual presentation in the standard formats, such as PDF, Word, jpeg, or HTML/web, although they can become available for read-only purposes.  


What is fiscalisation?

Fiscalization is the process of electronically recording and validating financial transactions for taxation purposes. Utilizing specialized systems or devices, businesses are required to track and report transactions directly to tax authorities. 


What is guest reporting?

In certain countries, all lodging properties are required to report their checked-in guests to local police departments on a daily basis using a dedicated portal to submit guest information, such as full name, Passport No., nationality, check-in/check-out dates, and more. 


What is statistical reporting?

Lodging businesses in certain countries are required to upload statistical reports on a regular basis, usually monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly. Usually, the data required consists of two parts: property operational details and guest information. 


What is a tourist tax?

A tourist tax is a fee local or national governments charge travelers in lodging accommodations. This tax is typically charged per night or as a percentage of the room rate, and it can vary depending on the age of the guest, property type, and sometimes the length of stay. 

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