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Engage and delight guests at every step of their journey
Deliver 5-star guest engagement from discovery to post-stay with Whistle for Cloudbeds
Currently available in the US and Canada. Coming soon to properties across the globe.
Ready to boost your guest satisfaction, ratings, and revenue with the #1 guest messaging system?*
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Cloudbeds Best Messaging Software HotelTechAwards
Cloudbeds Hoteliers Choice Awards 2022
Cloudbeds Best All-in-1 Hotel Management System 2022
Cloudbeds Best All-in-1 Hotel Management System 2022
Whistle integrates right into Cloudbeds seamlessly. Our staff saves an estimated seven hours per week by automating our pre-arrival communication. Plus, we are able to respond to in-stay requests more quickly, ensuring our guests are happy.
- Chris Hilt, General Manager, Orchard Canyon
Increase guest satisfaction, drive incremental revenue, and streamline internal operations for your team with Whistle for Cloudbeds – guest experience software powered by the Cloudbeds hospitality management platform.
Enhance guest communication
Communicating with guests has never been easier with a unified inbox, automated messages, and translation service at your fingertips.
Drive revenue
Create revenue opportunities with upsells, add-ons, and special promotions offered at different touchpoints during the guest journey.
Increase guest
Tend to guest needs throughout their stay, promote satisfaction surveys, and request a review all in one place.
Streamline operations
Create efficient staff communication and coordination to work through any guest request with integrated ticketing, analytics, and insights.

Engage your guests at every touchpoint

Deliver meaningful guest engagement before they even book
Use the Live Chat feature to help potential guests find the information they need in real-time and drive bookings on your website.
  • Integrated live chat that’s synced with your website and booking engine
  • Instant communication between potential guests and your staff
  • A calendar view with reservation dates for fast and easy booking
0% 5% 12% 18% 25% 32% 37% 40% 46%
Engaged guests spend 46% more per year than actively disengaged guests spend.
(Source: Gallup)
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Streamline guest messaging and build incremental revenue
Respond to guests from one unified inbox and earn added revenue with upsell opportunities.
  • One unified inbox for all guest communication including SMS, WhatsApp, email, and more
  • Built-in translation powered by Google translate for localized guest communication
  • Integrated marketplace with preloaded add-ons and offers to increase revenue
Create a frictionless check-in experience with PMS integration
Streamline the check-in process for guests and staff with digital registration cards and guest book.
  • A digital guest book with digital key codes, property info, and upsell options for each guest
  • Pre-arrival check in with e-signatures and uploaded document collection
  • Digital registration cards and guest notes seamlessly synced to the Cloudbeds PMS
Whistle has helped properties achieve 24% more service recovery opportunities.
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Simplify staff communication and operations
Powerful automation allows your team to work through guest requests and catch any service issues while the guest is still on property.
  • Automated messages for capturing guest needs and promoting special offers
  • Integrated staff ticketing and taskflow management
  • Built-in analytics and insights dashboard for performance monitoring
Increase customer satisfaction with easy guest experience management software
Message, respond to, and track guests’ reviews in real-time to help increase guest satisfaction.
  • Automated messages and notifications for capturing guest feedback
  • Tripadvisor integration to facilitate more completed reviews and increased review scores
  • Guest sentiment monitoring and control over when reviews are published
Hotels that increase their review scores by 1 point can increase price by 11%.
(Source: Cornell University)
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Ready to engage your guests at every touch point? With multiple options available, pick the plan that best suits your needs.
Ready to engage your guests at every touch point? With multiple options available, pick the plan that best suits your needs.
SMS Messaging
Unique SMS Number
Call Forwarding
Integrated Translations
Automated Messaging
Messaging Channels
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Guest Surveys and TripAdvisor reviews
Team Chat
Analytics & Insights
Digital Registration
Tickets: Tasks, Checklists & Inspections
Website Live Chat
Targeted Offers + Upsell
Digital Guest book

More than just guest engagement software

Whistle for Cloudbeds enhances the tools already available within the Cloudbeds Hospitality Platform to aid lodging businesses streamline operations, build revenue faster, and deliver memorable guest experiences daily. From discovery to post-stay and front desk to back office, Cloudbeds will elevate your property’s operations at every level.
The Cloudbeds PMS is built with all the tools you need to run and grow your business so you can focus on your guest experience.
Grow your direct bookings by an average of 20% and own your guest booking experience from start to finish with an online booking engine optimized for mobile devices.
Connect to 300+ booking channels with zero added commissions and share your inventory on unlimited distribution channels of your choice, including, Airbnb, Expedia & more.

More powerful together

With Cloudbeds Hospitality Platform, you have one login and one system that’s always in sync.
Property Management System
Manage your entire property from an easy-to-use interface.
Channel Manager
Effortlessly manage rates, availability, and all the details.
Booking Engine
Attract customers to your website and keep them. Goodbye commissions!
Revenue Management
Our Pricing Intelligence Engine automates your rate management strategy to save time and make more profit.
Finance and Payments
Keep your finances in check with best-in-class financial reporting and Cloudbeds Payments.
Supercharge your business with hundreds of 3rd party apps and services.
Digital Marketing
Boost your property's online presence across multiple channels and increase direct bookings with Cloudbeds Amplify.
Guest Engagement
Easily reach your guests from booking to post-stay, while driving upsell revenue and easing operational overhead.

Experience exceptional customer support and
educational resources

customer support delivered with a hospitality touch
Average customer service rating
training videos and on-
demand courses
Cloudbeds has…allowed us to focus on our guest relationships and less about the processes and systems.
- Kevin Bowen, Director of Operations, The Pad, Silverthorne, CO

What is guest experience?

The hotel guest experience, also called GX, is the overall impression a guest makes of your property. While most customer experience in the hotel industry is drawn from interactions on property, such as with the front desk staff or concierge, hoteliers should be aware that it also includes pre-arrival and post-stay experiences. Guest experience can even include the discovery stage of the guest journey as potential guests can make an impression of your property from your hotel website and pricing.

What is smart guest experience?

In the hospitality industry, a smart guest experience comes from a combination of anticipating your guests’ needs and using technology to provide an easy and seamless experience, such as contactless check-in. While traditional guest experience elements, such as personalized service, and proper hotel management and staffing will will always play a role in guest experience, smart guest experience utilizes technology such as software and apps to unify your team, help you predict your guests needs, and elevate your guest experience beyond expectations.

What is guest experience management?

Guest experience management involves organizing your hotel operations to service guest needs, address their requests, and exceed their expectations at every touchpoint possible. Proper guest experience management means anticipating guest needs, fulfilling requests, personalizing service, and addressing and amending complaints.

What is the difference between guest experience software and guest management software?

Guest experience software and guest management software share similar features. A property management system (PMS) often has built-in elements to help with guest management such as handling guest data, while guest experience software can help modernize and facilitate processes by providing digital services like pre check-in, contactless check-in, digital keys, and enhanced guest communication. A guest experience platform should have features to manage both the guest experience and management of guest data that is essential for hotel operations. To distinguish the two:

guest experience management software features include -

  • enhanced guest communication tools, such as an unified inbox for responding to guest messages in their preferred mode of communication and language Live Chat or chatbot
  • automated messaging to request guest feedback and reviews
  • streamlined communication for your staff
  • data and analytics to track your performance
and guest management software features include -
  • guest profile creation and storage
  • reservations management
  • information on guest arrival, departure, and room status
  • analytics and reporting on your guest demographics

What does a guest management system do?

A guest management system helps you manage all of your guest data and processes for check-in and check-out. It can also help you gather data about your guests and their preferences so you can make more informed decisions about how to enhance your guest experience.

Is Whistle for Cloudbeds available for all Cloudbeds customers?

Whistle for Cloudbeds is currently available for all customers in the US and Canada. Our team is working hard to add language, currency and messaging updates so we can support our customers across the globe.

How much does Whistle for Cloudbeds cost?

Whistle for Cloudbeds is a monthly fee. To find out more about pricing, schedule a call with our team.

Will this help me have a contactless check-in and check-out?

Whistle for Cloudbeds allows for a digitized experience that we will continue to build upon. Lodging businesses will be able to customize their arrivals experience to meet their needs and delight their guests.

How much time will it take the owner/ staff to operate Whistle effectively?

The average timeline to get up and running is 2 weeks.

For properties with large group revenue, is Whistle beneficial for wedding parties and corporate events?

Yes. You can segment specific groups of guests to send out bulk message updates about events and activities.
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