No group too small. No group too large.

Hotel groups have unique marketing challenges. It’s hard enough to manage one hotel, let alone a group. We’re proud to introduce mygroup-our software solution for managing your independent or enterprise level hotel group.

Mygroup is your OTA-in-a-box. Use it to process bookings for all your properties from one group website. See detailed analytics about how each property performs.


Connect all your properties to one booking experience. Mygroup fits your group today, exactly the way it is. Whether your group has 2 or 2,000 properties, no property is too small or too large. Guests can browse through everything you have to offer across all your properties. Our API makes mygroup completely customizable. Customize branding to match your existing website. Add images, descriptions, amenities, and other packages on a per-property basis.

Make your OTA-in-a-box look just like your website

Employ the power of Cloudbeds Booking Engine for all your properties

Process bookings for all properties from one place


Group Analytics

Independent and enterprise level hotel groups have a tough time gathering data for all their properties. Mygroup gives you one place where you can pull reporting for all your properties at once. Use it to identify areas where you can improve. Gain real-time property status so you can spend online advertising correctly.

  • Compare your direct revenue to that from OTAs
  • Forecast occupancy for each property
  • Generate and share beautiful financial reports

Channel Management

Mygroup seamlessly integrates with our channel manager Channel Manager. Push inventory from all your properties to major and niche OTAs. Get bookings from online marketplaces you never knew existed. Avoid overbookings by keeping your OTA listings and online booking engines up-to-date.

  • Manage your property listings on OTAs from one dashboard
  • Find new markets to sell your rooms and beds
  • Never suffer overbookings again
  • See a full list of features

Mygroup is a software solution for however many properties you manage. Make life simpler with a single management dashboard, so you can spend more time with guests.