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With more than 400 million guest arrivals all-time across 191 countries, Airbnb enables you to reach the fastest-growing global travel community.


Hoteliers and hosts pay low commissions on Airbnb. Remember, Cloudbeds does not charge a commission.


Synchronize your property’s rates and availability with Airbnb seamlessly via Cloudbeds’ award-winning Channel Manager.

Airbnb is widely known for their alternative accommodations, but they will start offering more traditional accommodations. All property types should closely watch Airbnb over the next few years.

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Connect via the Cloudbeds Channel Manager. Cloudbeds Customers can get started below.

Cloudbeds Suite includes the #1 Rated Channel Manager.
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"Cloudbeds is so simple and really helped me understand some of the more difficult concepts, develop strategies, and better train staff members to deliver memorable experiences to guests."

Bernardo Thierstein, General Manager at The ZERO Box Lodge Porto The ZERO Hotels

“Cloudbeds is like if Apple made a property management system. The ease of use is super simple and straightforward for both guests and our staff. It’s very intuitive and just makes sense.”

Kevin Bowen, Director of Operations at The Pad The Pad Silverthorne

"Experience is everything. We've created a fully contactless experience that gives guests a hassle-free experience while keeping our overhead costs low."

Ulysses Baltazar, Chief Technology Officer at Playpark Hospitality Playpark Hospitality
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