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Cloudbeds API

If you want to create a custom integration, our Cloudbeds API allows experienced developers on your team to connect to other service providers to deliver extended functionality for better guest experiences.
Automate operations
with our API
Programmatically manage hotel details, guest information, rooms, reservations, and payments. 50+ API calls are available with field, type, and descriptions.

Access documentation and support

With our detailed API Reference and Developer Guides, we
make it easy to integrate with Cloudbeds.
Step-by-step partnership guide

Step-by-step partnership guide

Partner onboarding from start to certification is a swift process.

Development guides

Development guides

Covers all frequently asked questions with the latest answers.

Cloudbeds API sample use cases

Sample use cases

Out-of-box solutions for partners and developers building to the PMS API for the first time or just looking for simple workflows.

Cloudbeds API change logs

Up-to-date change logs

Change management updates provided before and after planned changes are made in the API.

Cloudbeds API support


When access is requested and approved, building can get started and support is available.

Additional resources


Developer Portal

Find the resources you need to start building.


Self-service API

Request access and build your own connection.


Become a partner

Connect with us today.

The Cloudbeds API is included with Cloudbeds Premium and Cloudbeds Enterprise or available as an optional add-on.
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