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Guest Communication

Great guest communication enhances your customers’ experience, and positively impacts your bottomline.

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4 Email Templates that Build Better Guest Relationships

Your guest communications should be on brand, useful, relevant, and timely.

CBU: The Benefits of Repeat Guests

Repeat guests save your property a lot of money in acquisition costs. [Available to current Cloudbeds customers only]

Featured Partner: Whistle

Whistle is a top-rated guest messaging platform that integrates with your PMS. Communicate via messaging apps, video, and webchat.

Featured Partner: Oaky

Oaky is a commission-free upselling platform that helps hotels maximize profit and enhance the guest experience.

Rate Plans and
Advanced Channel Rates

Rate plan hype up! Creating and distributing multiple rate plans positively affects your property in several different ways. Rank higher on OTAs and create incremental revenue.

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The Secret Strategies to Rate Plans and Pricing

Learn how to confidently develop an effective strategic rate plan. Unlock untapped revenue opportunities and cash in.

Understanding Rate Plans

There are a lot of benefits to creating rate plans for your customers, your OTA rankings, and your bottom line. The data backs it up!

Best Practices: Rate Plans and Packages

Learn how to use restrictions to build commonly used rate plans and packages from our Cloudbeds education team. [Available to current Cloudbeds customers only]


Your epic channel mix playlist. Choosing the right channels to sell your inventory can make or break your business. Sell your rooms at the right place and time with these strategies.

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4 Steps to Optimizing your Hotel’s OTA Ranking

Step one, join the best OTAs for your property. Step two, optimize your profile to show higher in OTA search results. Here’s where to start.

Channel Mix: The Future of Distribution

The Percentage of direct bookings compared to OTAs is increasing, technology is more accessible than ever, and better optimization is possible.

CBU: Getting Set Up with Google Hotel Links

Cloudbeds partners with Google and puts the power in your hands to drive direct bookings. Here’s how to get started. [Available to current Cloudbeds customers only]

How to Choose a Channel Manager: Complete Guide for Hoteliers & Hosts

Choosing the right channel manager for your property is essential to increasing bookings, revenue, and guest satisfaction.

Attract Business Travelers with a Hotel GDS

A GDS may seem old school, but it is still an effective way to promote your hotel in the global corporate travel market. Here’s what you need to know.

Direct Bookings

Don’t neglect direct! We created resources to help you generate more direct bookings and increase your profits.

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Google’s Free Booking Links

Google just changed the game - here’s what’s new and how your property can take advantage.

Direct Bookings: Your Most Profitable Channel

Direct bookings have the power to be your hotel’s most profitable distribution channel - here’s what Matt, a Cloudbeds Product Manager, had to say about it.

Demystifying SEO for Hotel Websites

Apply best practices for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to your hotel's website to increase your rankings and organic traffic.

How to Attract More Direct Bookings

Metasearch, OTAs, direct bookings: weigh the benefits and challenges of each one and get 7 tips to grow your direct reservations.

Why Do Properties Use a Booking Engine?

Find out how hoteliers use a booking engine to grow revenue and the learn the most important features your booking engine needs.

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