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Direct Bookings

Don’t neglect direct! We created resources to help you generate more direct bookings and increase your profits.

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Google’s Free Booking Links

Google just changed the game - here’s what’s new and how your property can take advantage.

Direct Bookings: Your Most Profitable Channel

Direct bookings have the power to be your hotel’s most profitable distribution channel - here’s what Matt, a Cloudbeds Product Manager, had to say about it.

Demystifying SEO for Hotel Websites

Apply best practices for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to your hotel's website to increase your rankings and organic traffic.

How to Attract More Direct Bookings

Metasearch, OTAs, direct bookings: weigh the benefits and challenges of each one and get 7 tips to grow your direct reservations.

Why Do Properties Use a Booking Engine?

Find out how hoteliers use a booking engine to grow revenue and the learn the most important features your booking engine needs.

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