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Websites Terms

Updated as of September 28, 2022

Cloudbeds Websites Terms of Service  


Cloudbeds provides website setup and hosting services to active Cloudbeds clients that choose to purchase the Cloudbeds Websites package. This service is not available for resale. This service is not available to external properties and will be terminated if the property cancels its Cloudbeds account. The service consists of website setup with a corresponding one-time fee and website hosting and support with a monthly fee. This document covers all terms and conditions of the Cloudbeds Websites Service. By purchasing Cloudbeds Websites you are accepting this agreement, and understand that the terms and conditions of this service may be updated in the future.


Inclusions and Exclusions

These are the inclusions of the Websites Website Service. Additional services, requests, and add-on features will be subject to an additional cost.




  • Professionally designed templates
    You will be able to select one of the templates from our Cloudbeds library. Your website will be built from the template of your choice, brand identity, and content you provide. 
  • Access to a Website Designer
    A member of our Cloudbeds Professional Services team will be in touch with you throughout the process of setting up your website. Text, images, logo and property information will be collected to create your website. 
  • Website pages
    Your Website includes up to 7 pages setup in your main (1) language of choice. 
  • Review 
  • Once the website is built, you will be given access to the Cloudbeds builder to review the website and give your feedback. You may request one (1) review session with a website designer to discuss your feedback. Additional review sessions will be subject to additional costs.
  • Revision
    We will perform one (1) batch of minor revisions based on your feedback, and after that, your website will be published. Additional revision requests will be subject to additional costs.
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Primary Setup
    Meta title, meta description, and heading tags will be set up based on the content you provide. If the written content is incomplete or not provided, SEO will be left blank. You have access to optimize SEO by editing your heading tags and alternative text. 
  • SSL certificate
    Cloudbeds will provide and maintain SSL certificates for your active custom domain upon publishing your website, and as long as your Cloudbeds subscription and website contract is active.
  • Privacy page & cookies
    Your website will have an additional privacy policy page and a cookie notification with a standardized privacy policy statement provided by Cloudbeds. Customization to the statement for specific requirements should be provided by the property owners to be implemented.
  • Terms & Conditions page
    Your website will have an additional section where your property policies can be added. Content should be provided by the property owners to be implemented.
  • Mobile and tablet optimization
    All the website content and design will be responsive and optimized for mobile devices and tablet
  • Cloudbeds booking engine integration
    Your website will feature your Cloudbeds booking engine and its design will be configured to fit your website



Website hosting will begin after your website is published. 

  • Access to Cloudbeds Websites
    You will have access to edit your text, upload new images, and SEO keywords on your website. 
  • You will have access to your website’s analytics dashboard, manage form responses, and manage blog posts (if activated). 

Website email support
For any questions or issues, you will have access to our Professional Services team through email.


Web Design & Layout

Your website will be built from one of the exclusive Cloudbeds templates and our library of sections available. These templates are professionally designed to meet the current trends of the hospitality industry.

The chosen website template determines web design and the site layout. It is possible to change colors, fonts and add additional sections or pages. 


The standard website setup includes up to 7 web pages. It is possible to add additional pages during the setup or after publishing the website for an additional fee.


Website Content 

You are responsible to provide textual and visual materials: property description, room information, logo, images, videos, etc. The website service does not include content development, branding or logo creation. Failure to submit required content within the agreed-upon timeframe may result in additional charges. 


Intellectual Property

You are responsible for all copyrighted material used on the website, including copyrighted materials purchased from third parties. Cloudbeds does not provide stock photos or any other material. By providing website content, you are aware that any elements of text, graphics, photos, designs, trademarks, artwork or other materials provided are either owned, or they have the appropriate right of use from the actual owner. You shall indemnify, defend and hold Cloudbeds harmless from any and all third party claims, damages or losses (including reasonable attorneys’ fees) related to the infringement of any intellectual property right or copyright with respect to any material provided to Cloudbeds. 


Search Engine Optimization Settings

You are responsible for conducting keyword research and developing a SEO strategy for your property. Content for SEO settings must be provided in the main language that your website is being built in. You are responsible for optimizing your SEO setup. 


SEO settings include:

  • Setup of Meta title & Meta Description based on your provided content in your main language of choice. 


  • Alternative text setup is not included. You will have access to create and add the alternative text on the website pages independently. 



You are responsible for purchasing and managing your own custom domain. Cloudbeds will provide instructions on how to change DNS settings so the domain can be linked to the website. You are responsible for making changes in the domain settings. The domain expiration date has to be provided during the content collection phase for tracking. 


SSL Certificate

The website will have an SSL certificate to ensure that visitors’ data and connection to this site are secured. The certificate will be generated after the site’s custom domain is fully set up. The solution leverages the Let’s Encrypt project, which is an open-source Certificate Authority that provides free certificates. SSL is generated within 24 hours from publishing your Cloudbeds Website. 

  • The SSL certificate needs to be recreated if the domain DNS settings are switched from CNAME Redirect 301, to the CNAME Record method or vice versa.
  • Certificates for sites are valid for three months. Two weeks prior to the end of the certificate, the site will renew the certificate to ensure that the site remains secure and valid.
  • Cloudbeds website builder uses HSTS Policy (HTTP Strict Transport Security). This feature helps protect against protocol downgrade attacks and cookie hijacking.
  • The site’s secure connection uses the DV (Domain Validated) certificate.
  • Cloudbeds website builder SSL implementation is not compatible with any version of Internet Explorer on Windows XP (but will work on Chrome or Firefox). Not compatible with Android 2.3 and earlier.
  • We’ve added logic to the platform that makes sure we don’t redirect traffic to HTTPS for these devices. If a user on an incompatible browser attempts to load the HTTPS version of the site, a security error/warning will appear. However, if the user visits the HTTP version of the site, the site will simply not load the HTTPS version.
  • Currently, Cloudbeds website builder SSL solution does not support internationalized domain names (names with non-Latin characters, i.e www.bü


Privacy Policy

The website will have an additional privacy policy page and a cookie notification to ensure that site visitors understand what kind of information is being collected, how it is done, safeguarded, what the rights of the user and site owner are, and more. This is included in the standard setup fee.


Cloudbeds can add a standardized privacy & cookie statement available in English. You are responsible to customize it and make sure it fits the property needs and the legal requirements in your country. You are responsible for translating it into other languages if they are supported by the website.


In addition to the above, Cloudbeds will activate the Usercentrics Consent Management Platform (free) application on your website. This enables your website to obtain and document consent in accordance with data protection regulations, directly on the website. This enables site visitors to opt-in first before any tracking scripts or code are loaded. Users get granular control and visibility into which trackers are loaded. 


Accessibility Compliance 

You are responsible for accessibility compliance of your website ADA, AODA, WCAG. You shall indemnify, defend and hold Cloudbeds harmless from any and all third party claims, damages or losses (including reasonable attorneys’ fees) related to any accessibility compliance claims. Cloudbeds Websites are built considering these accessibility guidelines but do not guarantee certification and compliance.


Cloudbeds Website Builder offers integration with AudioEye web accessibility tool that provides full-coverage support needed to ensure the website is compliant in conformance with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1. AudioEye offers paid plans to work with any Cloudbeds Websites. 


Cloudbeds Booking Engine Integration

The website will be linked to Cloudbeds Booking Engine through CTA buttons, booking engine widgets and/or an embedded iframe. Cloudbeds will configure the booking engine colors and font family (limited to individual property booking engines) to match it with the website design before the website is published. Other than that, Cloudbeds Websites service does not include assistance with further booking engine customization. You have the option to make changes to the color, font, and additional customization of your booking engine after the website is published. You are responsible for keeping the styling in line with the website published. 


Customer Website Builder Access 

You will have  access to the Cloudbeds Website Builder during the setup phase to review the website and to leave feedback in the form of comments. Once the website is published, you will have access to update content and SEO settings, view site analytics, manage form responses and blogs, if it is added to the website.


Cloudbeds Website Builder site stats and analytics include the following information:

  • Content data – breakdown of visits according to pages 
  • Engagement – visitors by device, as well as information about visits and page views
  • Traffic sources – ways that visitors got to the site
  • Browsers & OSs – which browsers and operating systems visitors were using
  • Geolocation – where visitors were in the world when they visited
  • Personalization – performance of activated personalization rules


Website Changes and Edits

During the website setup, Cloudbeds will send you the website for review. You will be able to access the platform to preview the site and leave comments, in preparation for the publish date. It is necessary to have the domain credentials & full access prepared for the scheduled publish date. Publishing the website will be performed by a Professional Service – Website Designer. Additional updates and review sessions beyond this point may be subject to additional costs. 


Requesting extra changes than specified above is subject to additional fees. Redesigning a page, adding new pages and changing the website design are examples of major changes which are subject to a new quotation.


Website Support

You can place requests and report any concerns through 

Our Cloudbeds Professional Services team will assist with your needs. Cloudbeds Websites Platform is built to minimize downtime, with an SLA of 99.5%. Cloudbeds is committed to addressing site outage at the highest priority and does not offer any compensation or refund policy.



Cloudbeds is committed to providing conscientious and diligent service, but does not guarantee delivery dates. The estimated website delivery is agreed on during the first call. 



The Cloudbeds Websites Service charges are added to your Cloudbeds billing portal and charged according to the configured payment method. Payments are non-refundable.

  • The one-time setup fee is charged upon the customer purchasing Cloudbeds Websites.
  • The monthly platform fee is charged from the beginning when the customer purchases Cloudbeds Websites. This is continuously charged on a monthly basis while the customer is subscribed to the Cloudbeds Websites service. 
  • Add-on applications and additional services: one time services are charged at the moment of request and confirmation of the charge for the service. Recurring fees will be included in your bill, this is either charged on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis depending on the configured payment period on Cloudbeds account.


Service Termination

Cancellation of your Cloudbeds Subscription

Cancellation of the customer’s Cloudbeds subscription will result in the automatic cancellation of Cloudbeds Websites service. In the event of a cancellation, your website will be unpublished immediately. 


Suspension of your Cloudbeds Subscription 

Suspension of the customer’s Cloudbeds subscription will result in the automatic suspension of Cloudbeds Websites service. In the event of a suspension, your website will be unpublished immediately. 

Cloudbeds will retain the unpublished website copy for 6 months from the date of suspension. After this period, the website copy will be deleted. Cloudbeds account reactivated within 6 months from the time of suspension may also reactivate the Cloudbeds Websites service. 


Removal of Cloudbeds Websites 

To end your Cloudbeds Websites service only, you should reach out to the Cloudbeds Professional Service team at This service will be canceled and the website will be unpublished. The monthly charges will be removed from your Cloudbeds package and you will lose access to the Cloudbeds Website Builder. All payments are non-refundable. 


Site export or data transfer of any kind is not supported. You are responsible for saving content manually if needed. 


Cloudbeds reserves the right at any time to change or discontinue the Cloudbeds Websites Service with or without notice. You agree that Cloudbeds shall not be liable to you or to any third party for any modification, suspension, or discontinuance of the service. Cloudbeds reserves the right to refuse, cancel the service if the Cloudbeds policies and restrictions are violated 


If the services are listed and offered at an incorrect price or with incorrect information, Cloudbeds reserves the right to refuse or cancel orders placed for that service, whether or not the order has been confirmed and even if your account has been charged (in which event credit will be issued to your account in the amount of the charge). Cloudbeds creation or transmission of order confirmation does not signify acceptance of the order, nor constitute a binding confirmation of an offer to sell the service. Cloudbeds reserves the right to accept or decline an order for any reason. Cloudbeds may contact you and require additional information before Cloudbeds grants such approval. 


Governing Language

The English language shall be the definitive and controlling text of this Agreement, notwithstanding the translation of this Agreement into any other language.

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