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Split Folios

Simplifies guest billing by allowing you to create more than one folio on a reservation to quickly and conveniently generate separate invoices

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Generate Separate Invoices for Individual Guests

Easily create separate folios for different guests on a single or group reservation.


Better Billing Processing for Business Travelers

Use folios to distinguish between business expenses and personal charges on work-related guest reservations.


Create confidential folios for private third-party fees

Prevent guests from viewing classified premiums and commissions charged by third party agents by using confidential folios.


Create Split Folios on a Reservation

Do you receive reservations with multiple rooms and guests? Simplify your billing and payment process by generating individual guest folios and assigning particular charges to respective guests. Think of it like being able to provide separate checks for a large party at a restaurant.

Individual Invoicing for Business Travelers

Improve guest experience for business travelers by making it easy for them to distinguish between business and personal expenses. With Split Folio, it’s as simple as creating a folio for business charges covered by their employer and adding a separate folio for entertainment purchases made by the guest.

Keep Third Party Reservation Rates Confidential

Split Folios can automatically create a confidential folio to host third party room rates, tax transactions, and commission charges. This is useful for travel agent bookings made on behalf of a guest, and allows payment to be processed by the third-party with an independent folio for the guest to pay for additional purchases.
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