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Elevate your property operations to new heights
Go beyond property management. Save time, maximize efficiency, and drive revenue, with the power of Operations+
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Empower your staff with powerful, easy-to-use tools

Introduce your property to new levels of operational efficiency while optimizing your day-to-day operations.

Drive revenue growth

Reinvent the way you sell your room inventory. With powerful and intuitive tools like Split Inventory and Group Management, you can target diverse audiences and boost occupancy rates.

Productivity without complexity

Operations+ provides easy-to-use functionality and an intuitive interface that simplifies daily hotel operations such as group bookings, cash management, and housekeeping.

Streamlined Operations

Empower your hotel staff with tools like housekeeping that allow you to see room conditions in real-time, enabling faster room turnover and smoother communication.
hotel operations system

Smoother operations, less manual tasks

Free staff from manual workload to save time, allowing them to focus on delivering exceptional guest experiences.

Maximize your room inventory

Distribute your room inventory in different layouts with the Split Inventory tool and let the system dynamically manage the availability across all booking channels.

Frictionless group management

Ensure a seamless experience in handling large groups, including creating allotment blocks with special rates, generating exclusive URLs, and consolidating group charges into a single guest folio.

Automate Manual Tasks

Spend less time on manual tasks, such as group booking procedures, inventory management, and housekeeping assignments.
hotel operations software

Powerful. Intuitive. Unified

Manage everything within a centralized platform, ensuring seamless operations without additional expenses.

Built by Cloudbeds for Cloudbeds

Our built-in, cloud-based tools are seamlessly integrated, update in real-time, and share data across the platform for maximum performance.

Reduce overhead and increase revenue

Reduce dependency on third-party integrations, lowering your costs while helping avoid common errors associated with manual data entry in external platforms.

One trusted partner

Say goodbye to juggling multiple platforms and support teams, and hello to smoother front desk oerpations and back office management with global in-house customer support.
hospitality operations system
Everything is smoother with Cloudbeds. Our channel manager, PMS and Booking Engine are fully integrated.
- Victor Menor, Operations Manager at Flor Parks Hotel

All the intuitive features your property needs
to supercharge operational efficiency

Groups management

Groups Management is built to simplify your bookings for corporate groups, weddings, travel agents, wholesalers, and more.
Automatically centralize group charges in a single folio
Enjoy real-time availability monitoring on the Calendar
Manage your allotments with ease and set automated releasebacks
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Split inventory

Maximize revenue and occupancy by selling your rooms and spaces in multiple ways across all your distribution channels.
Combine, split, and create virtual rooms and target a diverse audience
Automatically adjust linked room availability to prevent overbookings
Maximize your bookings using different marketing techniques


Organize and track your housekeeping assignments digitally for faster room turnover, and more efficient staff communication.
See room status at a glance from the reservation details and Calendar
Digitally assign housekeeping staff and give housekeepers more control
Add room notes from anywhere and keep track of maintenance needs
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Cash drawer

Manage cash with ease and keep your staff accountable with Cash Drawers to track cash payments and money exchange.
Create multiple cash drawers by setting them up for each work shift
Keep track of initial and final balances and each cash transaction
Receive automated reports at the end of each shift

House accounts

Create one or multiple house accounts to register any non-room revenue, such as a restaurant, bar, or souvenir shop.
Register transactions not tied to any specific room, guest, or reservation
Save time in consolidating reports
Add payments, refunds and close your house accounts anytime
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Booking engine analytics

Gain a deep understanding of your direct bookings performance at a glance with the Booking Engine Analytics, connected directly with Google Analytics 4, Facebook, and more.
Enable strategic decision-making for business growth
Identify users who have shown strong intent to make a purchase
Track your unique visits, conversion rates, and other valuable data

Real reviews from lodging businesses like yours

"I absolutely love being able to set occupancy rules and not have to think about it. PIE just goes out and it takes care of it."
Courtney Driessen
Lodging and Revenue Manager at Fireside Resort Jackson Hole
"With the help of Cloudbeds' Pricing Intelligence Engine (PIE), we've made an additional $60K CAD in 6 months."
Scott Walcott
Owner of Walcott Hospitality
"We automate a lot of our pricing with PIE, and it has allowed us a lot more time to spend training staff since it’s doing part of our job automatically."
Bernardo Thierstein
General Manager at The ZERO Box Lodge Porto
"I don't have to check five different systems because Cloudbeds is my booking engine, website, channel manager, PMS, and revenue management tool."
Marco Leibundgut
Co-owner and Host at Bogentrakt
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Future-proof your business: Switching from an on-premise PMS to a cloud-based system

Are you constantly frustrated with your PMS? Does it take hours to train new employees? Unable to scale operations?

It might be time to switch to a modern, cloud-based PMS. In this guide, we break down what it looks like to switch from an on-premise system to Cloudbeds.

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How does the Groups Management tool simplify the booking process and free staff from repetitive tasks?

The Groups Management tool simplifies your Groups reservations throughout the entire process. This tool allows you to create allotment blocks with special rates and generate exclusive URLs for guests to book directly through your website without your staff's intervention. Set the system up to automatically centralize group charges in a single folio to reduce the need for manual calculations and data entry, and ensure that the remaining inventory will be released back into the system for sale with a release back automation.

How does Split Inventory help maximize revenue and occupancy for my property?

Split Inventory offers flexibility in selling rooms, suites, beds, or even entire floors, leading to higher occupancy rates and increased profitability for your property. You can sell your rooms in multiple ways and target diverse audiences, while your availability is automatically adjusted across your distribution channels, ensuring optimal utilization of your property's inventory and minimizing the risk of overbookings.

What advantages does the Housekeeping feature offer over traditional methods?

The Housekeeping feature offers several advantages over traditional methods. These include digitized assignments, the ability to see room statuses at a glance from reservation details, and the Calendar, allowing your staff to respond promptly to changes and prioritize tasks accordingly. This real-time visibility helps optimize workflow and ensure faster communication, leading to improved guest satisfaction.

How can Booking Engine Analytics help improve direct booking performance?

By integrating with platforms like Google Analytics, and Facebook, you gain insights into key metrics such as unique visits, conversions, user behavior, and other metrics on your Booking Engine. Data analysis empowers businesses to make informed decisions about their direct booking strategies aiming for better results.
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