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Cloudbeds powers thousands of hotels across the world with our property management software. With over 200 million room nights and billions in processed payments, we know what it takes to power your hotel.

Hotel Management Software

You need a world-class property management system to run your hotel’s front desk and back office. We’ve spent years listening to what independent hoteliers need to take their business to the next level. From before check-in to post check out, we have everything you need to get your guests moving and your hotel running.

Cloudbeds helped us improve the daily management of our property. The platform is user-friendly, and it takes little time to train our new staff. Cloudbeds’ customer service team responds to our requests quickly.

-Korapin, Tints of Blue Residence


Compete on a Whole New Level

With the right hotel software, your property can compete against the largest online travel agencies and hotel brands in the world. Through streamlined distribution and increased business efficiency, it’s anybody’s game. Drive more bookings and revenue without having to change how you operate.

“I love coming into work and hearing positive feedback from our hotel clients. We feel that we make their lives easier and more efficient.”

-Ipo Torres, Customer Coach

One System to Rule Them All

Cloudbeds’ hotel software offers hoteliers a centralized location to manage their operation. Our integrated solution allows your property to operate more efficiently. Use one login to access your property management system, booking engine, channel manager, hotel revenue management system, and more. With Cloudbeds, you’ll waste less time clicking around the internet and more time making high-level decisions.



Reservation Calendar / Dashboard

How many times this year have you assigned rooms, checked guests in and out, and other tasks? What if those operations took seconds instead of minutes? Our goal is to minimize the amount of time it takes to complete simple tasks so you can focus
on what you care about most. Keep an eye on your property with an easy-to-read dashboard.
Manage reservations with the easy-to-use drag and drop calendar.
See your hotel’s reservations from a new perspective to maximize occupancy and revenue.
Accept and process all types of payments instantly.
Easily manage employees’ permissions and cash drawers.
Our efficient housekeeping module allows you to quickly identify which rooms needs attention.


Distribute Your Inventory in More Places

The current hotel distribution market is vast and far reaching. With Cloudbeds’ channel manager you can distribute your hotel’s inventory to more than 300 markets across the globe. From the biggest online travel agencies to the dedicated niche
marketplaces, we have you covered. Hotel web marketing is that much easier with a channel manager.
Extend your reach with more distribution channels, there are more than 300 available to you!
We have trained hospitality consultants who will help you choose the most profitable distribution channels.
Unsure of what channels are right for you? We created a guide on the most important OTAs hotels, check it out here.


A Better Direct Booking Experience

With Cloudbeds’ hotel booking engine , it’s easier than ever to accept and manage direct bookings. Reservations automatically sync with our property management system and channel manager so you don’t have to worry about a thing. Oh, and we’ll
never charge a commission-fee. That money is yours.
Mobile responsive design allows guests to access your booking engine from anywhere.
Install our rate checker to help convert website visitors into bookings.
Book more direct reservations and make more money with our conversion-friendly booking engine.


Put Your Hotel’s Metrics to Work

Production Reports

Know when and where your guests are booking. Easily track your guests’ activity and identify how your property is acting in the short and long-term. All the basics, like ADR and RevPar, are included.

Financial Reports

Our financial reports show your property’s information at both a high level and granular level. They include everything from transaction reports to adjustments.

Daily Activity Reports

There’s a lot that goes on in a single day. Track which guests are coming, going, and staying to efficiently distribute your resources. Know the status of your property in just a few clicks.

Available wherever, whenever

Cloudbeds works on any device, anywhere. You can access your reservations, reports, and more, anytime you want. It’s all just a few clicks away.

We’re here for you

Cloudbeds has a global support team operating in almost every time zone. We’re actively growing to service our clients across the world, no matter where they are.

Always listening, always improving

We listen to our clients and actively seek their input on new functionality, designs, and workflows. We regularly update our product based on feedback from all of our customers.

It’s all about the bottom line. You’ll make more money with Cloudbeds.

Book a demo to see how we increase hotel’s direct bookings by 25% on average.

Frequently asked Questions

What is a booking engine?

A booking engine is a piece of software that allows guests to book reservations on your website and directly send them to your property management system. Booking engines, like ours, are installed directly on your website. Allow guests to confirm and pay their reservation.

Do you offer a trial period?

We do offer a trial period.

How does myfrontdesk connect to the online travel agencies?

Myfrontdesk connects to online travel agencies via channel managers like myallocator and several others. A channel manager allows you to allocate your inventory on all your distribution channels like, hostelworld,, and many more.

Can I take payments?

Yes, Cloudbeds offers payment processing as a premium feature. Our payment processor allows you to take a number of different payment methods including credit cards. You can read more about our payment processing functionality here.

What kind of reports can I get from myfrontdesk?

Myfrontdesk offers a whole collection of different reports categorized three ways: production reports, financial reports, and daily activity reports.
  • Production reports include:
    1. RevPar Report
    2. Average Daily Rate report
    3. Channel Production Report
    4. Reservations by Rate Plan Report
    5. Reservations by Country Report
  • Financial Reports Include:
    1. Payout/Commission report
    2. Transactions Report
    3. Daily Financial Report
    4. Adjustments Report
    5. Payment Ledger
  • Daily Activity Reports:
    1. Account Balances
    2. Cashier Report
    3. Arrivals Report
    4. Departures Report
    5. In-house Report
    6. No-show Report
    7. Cancellations Report
    8. In-house Report
    9. Notes Report

Can I change the email templates?

Yes, you can change the email templates to match your brand and style. Here is a detailed guide on how it works.

Does Cloudbeds offer support?

Yes, Cloudbeds has a worldwide customer support team to help with a wide range of questions and problems. We primarily provide support via email, but calls are provided to those who need it.

Which online travel agencies are connected to myfrontdesk?

Myfrontdesk is connected to hundreds of online travel agencies via our channel manager myallocator. You can see a list of all our current integrations here. We’re always adding more and welcome requests for new channels.

What languages does Cloudbeds work in?

Cloudbeds’ PMS system, myfrontdesk, works in English, Spanish, and Portuguese. However, our booking engine is available in 16 different languages.

Does your system handle both private rooms and shared dorms?

Yes, myfrontdesk was built for hotels. No matter how you want to sell your inventory, we have a solution. We support dorms, shared dorms, private rooms, and more. A hospitality consultant will gladly walk you through the different options.

What do I need to install it?

All of Cloudbeds products, including myfrontdesk, operate as a cloud-based system, which means that there is no installation. You access myfrontdesk via a web browser. A solid internet connection and an up-to-date browser are required for myfrontdesk to operate properly.

Can your system handle split reservations?

Yes, myfrontdesk can effectively create split reservations.

How safe will my data be?

Your data is safe with Cloudbeds. We use industry standard security measures including an SSL certification and PCI compliance. You can read more about our security measures here.

How can the system help me create more revenue at the property?

Myfrontdesk allows you to easily charge for upsells and extras. It takes minimal setup time to create items for house accounts and charge the guest. For example, if you want to sell extra services or even create a small store, myfrontdesk can handle charges and payments.

How can I sign up?

First, we suggest you request a demo with one of our hospitality consultants who will walk you through all the features and functionalities [to make sure there is a good fit]. After the demo, if you’re interested, they will help you set up an account.

How easy is it to train new employees?

Cloudbeds offers several different resources for all of your employees. Our knowledge base includes a getting started guide that will help new employees get a basic overview of the system. After they’ve completed the getting started guide, they can learn about various different parts of the system through knowledge base articles.

What is the biggest benefit of using a PMS for an independent property?

There are many, many benefits to using a property management system. But the most simple benefit is pure organization. With a PMS, your reservations, rate plans, guest notes, reporting, and more all live in the same place. There’s a lot that goes into running a property and hunting down information should be the least of your worries.

Does myfrontdesk support multiple users?

Yes, myfrontdesk supports multiple users and tiered users, which allows you to give out different permissions. You can read about how to add users here.

Are Excel sheets bad to use to manage your property?

Yes, they are very scary. Did you know that 88% of spreadsheets contain an error? Excel and other spreadsheets don’t offer a good system for checks and balances. The best way to manage your property is with a system that updates all of your information with the click of a button.

How do reports benefit my hotel?

Reports allow you to analyze your business’ activity and make data-driven decisions on everything from pricing strategies to the most profitable distribution channels.

How does Cloudbeds benefit my hotel’s marketing?

Cloudbeds gives you the ability to see your hotel’s performance from a new perspective. There are countless hotel marketing ideas that can spawn from using Cloudbeds’ property management system. For example, with reporting, you’re able to identify which channels produce the most bookings, revenue, profit, and more. With that knowledge, you’re able to better allocate your inventory and make more money. A channel manager can also help your property enter new markets with little to no risk, which allows you to present your rooms to more people.

How can my hotel get more direct reservations?

The best way to get more direct bookings is to have an easy-to-use website with a booking engine. Consumers are accustomed to ordering and booking things online and a booking engine allows them to choose and confirm their stay in one step. If it’s too difficult to book on your site, they will either book on an OTA or somewhere else entirely.

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Working with Cloudbeds is a pleasure. Their software helped us improve reservations at our two hotels and various satellite properties. We love that we can use their suite of property management software from anywhere on earth.

Andrew P. Gray, La Chosa del Manglar and Club Pacifico Sur

Cloudbeds powers over 17,000 properties in more than 120 countries.

Book a demo to see how we increase hotel’s direct bookings by 25% on average.