The Most Important Hotel Reports for Property Management

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Hotel Reports are not just for big-brand chains. Owners and managers of hostels, B&Bs, and property types of all sizes should also run certain hotel reports every night to make sure their business is running smoothly and to make data-driven plans for the future. When we think about the most important reports that are necessary for your hospitality business, we separate them into three categories.

  • > Production Reports
  • > Financial Reports
  • > Daily Activity Reports

Production reports mainly concern your operations in terms of reservation booking sources, high-level financial reporting, as well as historical data and future projections. Financial reports deal with specific data including reservation charges, transactions, and adjustments. And finally, daily activity reports focus on your customers and day-to-day financials like cashier’s reports. We’ve also added a number of images so you can see an example of night audit report format. To get more details about different types of night audit reports, check out our Complete Guide to Hotel Night Audit Reports.

Each of these categories plays an essential role in any property’s operations. In this eBook, you’ll learn the most important reports you should run at your property and when/how often you should run them.

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