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Promotions, Add-ons & Packages

Make your website the absolute best place to book.

The travel market is complicated. Cloudbeds helps you craft and manage compelling deals your guests expect. Use OTAs and other marketing channels to generate website traffic. Use Cloudbeds’ deal engine to make your website the best place to book.


Use promotions to encourage profitable guest behavior. Create and manage your promotions with myfrontdesk. Post them on your booking engine, and keep inventory in sync across all your marketing channels. Compel guests to book experiences that are more profitable for you with non-refundable promotions. Examples Include:


Guests get distracted. After months of research, we discovered that guests are more likely to book a room and purchase an up-sell opportunity if the check-out process is as simple as possible. With our system, you can offer guests up-sell opportunities like add-ons after they complete a reservation. This ensures that you get the booking without distracting the guest, while also selling your add-ons. Maximize the revenue of every booking with compelling add-ons custom-made for your audience.


Combine your promotions add add-ons into packages. Packages are great way to get large transactions in advance. Myfrontdesk supports as many packages as you can imagine. Give each package its own rate, restrictions, seasons, and inventory. Packages are a great way to make your already compelling promotions even more so. They are also useful for increasing perceived value without reducing room revenue. Some examples are:

Cloudbeds makes it easy to manage your various promotions, add-ons, and packages across all your marketing channels. Make your website the best place for guests to book, and keep your OTA listings up-to-date.

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