What is a Booking Engine and How Does it Help Hotel Businesses Grow?

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In recent years, a growing number of hotels and other lodging businesses have turned their focus to acquiring new reservations at the lowest possible cost. By making use of a hotel booking engine and applying enhanced marketing and sales strategies, a large number of properties have managed to build a successful direct reservations channel. In fact, direct hotel bookings have been gaining ground for quite some time, with a 2019 Phocuswright study predicting an increase to 50% share with OTA bookings by 2022.

If you’re weighing the potential of adding an online Booking Engine to boost direct sales, we’ve prepared this guide with everything you need to know about selecting the right software, including:

  • How does a Booking Engine work exactly?
  • Why do hoteliers use one?
  • The most important features
  • How it works with other hotel technology

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