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Rate Comparison Widget

Show your direct rates compared with rates on OTAs—right from your website

The average guest checks 38 different websites when booking travel. Our booking rate comparison widget keeps guests on your website. It shows them that your website is the best place to book a room. Guests use it to compare your direct rates to your rates on all your marketing channels and OTAs. This transparency gives guests confidence to book direct with you.



Make More Money

Guests are looking for the best deal. Use this widget to show them that you have the best deals. This compels them to book directly with you instead of OTAs, increasing your profit margin.

Save Guests Time

Our widget is useful and convenient. Guests appreciate it when you save them time on travel research. It gives them confidence to book directly with you.

Compare Anywhere

Our rate comparison widget is a powerful, compelling tool that appears directly in your booking engine. Let your guests know they’re getting the best rate right as they’re booking.

Mobile Responsive

Guests will make 38% of all travel purchases from mobile devices by 2018. Our widget is mobile optimized, and it works from any device. Start using it now to take advantage of mobile bookers.

Highly Integrated

It integrates seamlessly with your booking engine, and with up to five online travel agencies. It is easy to setup and maintain.

Real Time Data

Our widget updates often, ensuring that the data we show your guests is always up-to-date.

Legal & Safe

Our widget uses your data. We do not scrape websites to offer this service. This makes our booking widget legal and safe. Use it with confidence on your website.

Get it Now

Our booking rate comparison widget gives your guests the rate information they need to book directly with you. Improve your direct bookings, increase your marketing lists, and encourage brand loyalty. This one’s a no-brainer, folks.

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