Hospitality and travel
have changed.

Are you ready?

Hosts and Hoteliers are faced with a highly competitive
environment and key challenges in 2022:

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Creating a safe, trusted experience



Getting more done with fewer resources



Understanding your Guest Demographics

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Keeping your Pricing and Distribution competitive

Don’t let disconnected tools hold you back.

Switch to Cloudbeds

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The Cloudbeds Hospitality Platform is everything you need to grow revenue faster, streamline operations, and deliver memorable guest experiences.


Create a contactless experience from check-in to check-out.

Cloudbeds allows you to take control of your customer journey. From contactless check-in and keyless entry to automated payment processing, Cloudbeds helps you build the optimal guest experience.


Automate manual tasks. Streamline operations. Build a better business.

Our tools automate enough daily tasks to cover one or more full-time employees. By automating your pricing, channel management, and payment processing you’ll not only free up time, you’ll also avoid making manual errors that can lead to overbookings.


Put your data to work for you

Cloudbeds’ powerful reporting and analytics module is built directly into our system to help you understand your guest demographics and make informed business decisions. Use our Market Insights dashboard to track current occupancy, booking, and cancellation trends worldwide.


Always have the most competitive rate.

Smart pricing strategies have become even more essential now that there’s more competition to reach fewer travelers. You can’t watch every distribution channel or competitor all day long, so our Pricing Intelligence Engine does it for you.

Next generation PMS

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