Putting $82 million to work for you, our customers

By Cloudbeds, March 9, 2020

Nearly a decade ago, Cloudbeds was just an idea that we had while traveling in Brazil trying to book a pousada. It got to a point that on almost every trip we made, we would discover an unbelievable property hidden from the audiences of the world due to the lack of tools available to help connect to travelers like us. As passionate travelers, we wanted to make the guest experience better. As technology experts, we wanted to help hosts and hoteliers build great lodging businesses by making it easier to start, run and grow a property.

Fast forward to today, businesses of all sizes in 157 countries use Cloudbeds to drive more bookings and delight guests. Last year, we surpassed 1,000,000 rooms on our system. Our team has grown from the two of us to 400+ people dedicated to our common mission. As founders, we are humbled and in awe of this growth.

Furthermore, our growth has not gone unnoticed. Cloudbeds has attracted significant interest from investors looking to find the technology company to revolutionize this industry. We are thrilled to announce that we’ve raised $82 million in growth capital from some of the leading investors in the world, led by Viking Global Investors with participation from PeakSpan Capital, Recruit Co., Ltd., Counterpart Ventures, and Cultivation Capital. And we’re even more excited to put this money to work for you, our customers.

What’s Next 

Cloudbeds will continue to invest in our technology and customer success platforms to meet your evolving needs in the face of this ever-changing industry. Here are the areas that are top of mind:

Saving Time Through Automation

Every day Cloudbeds helps our customers collectively save thousands of hours. In fact, our tools automate enough daily tasks to cover the work of one or more full-time employees. We are working closely with you to dig deeper into both front-office and back-office functions to find more ways to simplify your lives. This includes payments, reservations, revenue management, guest experience, communication, and more. 

Advancing Connectivity and Flexibility

Cloudbeds owns and operates the best API in the lodging industry. With over 150+ million API calls every month, we’re building the future of connectivity for you. With a commitment to expanding our API, we’re creating smarter and more interconnected technology relationships with trusted partners. Most importantly, we are advancing how you share rates, availability, and content with the distribution channels your businesses rely on to connect to your guests. Together, these connections will unlock new ways to drive more reservations, create better guest experiences, and help you make informed decisions based on data. 

Driving more Revenue

The concept of driving “more reservations” is in our tagline. We’re putting a tremendous emphasis on helping you to drive more revenue through more reservations and optimizing existing bookings to earn more ancillary profits. This includes supporting pricing decisions, direct bookings, and upsells. We want to help you compete more effectively against your competitors, drive more direct bookings and earn more incremental revenue.

Delivering Insights

Our goal is to bring together your guest information, business data, and operating systems into one place to unlock the full picture of your lodging business. What does this mean? You’ll gain greater insights at scale, making it easy for your teams to analyze data in new ways

Industry-leading Education and Training

We’re focused not only on world-class technology but also on elevating our support, resources, and education. We want to train you, your staff, and the next generation of hoteliers to drive this industry forward. As our solution and business insights evolve, ease of use remains tantamount.

Thank you

To the entire Cloudbeds community, thank you. Thank you to each and every valued customer for trusting us to power your business. We will continue to work hard every day for you. We can’t wait to grow with you. Now let’s get to work!


Cheers to more reservations and happier guests,


Adam Harris and Richard Castle, Cloudbeds Co-Founders


About Cloudbeds

Cloudbeds is the fastest growing hospitality management suite in the world, providing tools to manage properties of any type and size. Cloudbeds’ award-winning software is trusted by more than 20,000 hotels, hostels, inns, and alternative accommodations in over 157 countries. Cloudbeds helps properties grow revenue and automate their workflows with confidence and ease while delivering a better experience for guests everywhere. Founded in 2012, Cloudbeds has expanded to over 400 people with local teams in 40 countries, speaking 30+ languages. 

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